Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Or Bread

I watched It Started With a Kiss and  They Kiss Again which starred Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng. I loved them both dearly since their chemistry was great and their friendship was so strong. When I heard that they had another drama together, I happily watched it. It was the most awkward drama for me because the characters  of these roles are completely flipped around. I watched this drama with a Jiang Zhi Shu in my mind (Joe Cheng's character in It Started With a Kiss who is a genius and extremely cold) and a Xiang Qin (Ariel Lin's role which is a sweet girl but not very smart). It turned out in this drama, Joe Cheng was acting out the really childish one while Ariel Lin was acting the more mature one. So totally not used to this image, I actually even thought of giving up on watching this. But I continued on.
        Joe Cheng plays the role of Frank who wears designer labels and acts cool. However, he is actually buried in debt and chased after by loan sharks. He had a tragic past where both his parents died and he doesn't know how to spend his money since the loan sharks are always coming after him. He had considered pawning his mother's wedding ring, but couldn't do it because it was all that was left from her.
        Ariel Lin plays the role of Zhen Shan Mei who plays a poor but hardworking girl. She has a boyfriend, but he moved to mainland China for university. He had promised that they will get married after he graduates so she decides to go to China so that they can get married. Her family are against her decision of marrying the guy because they need her to support them with money. The only person that supported her was her father who told her to go. That was how she met Frank for the first time. She meets him as he is running from gangsters and ends up in the ladies room. She thought he was a pervert and even reported him to the police. The ring fell out of Frank's pocket in the girl's bathroom and the policeman, thinking it was  Shan Mei's, put it in her bag. The two meet again later and he tries to get his ring back. He doesn't get the ring and ends up sending Shan Mei to the airport. However, she found out that her boyfriend had another girl and had betrayed her. Shan Mei goes back to Taiwan, hurt. She doesn't know where to go as she knows her mother will only nag about it and do the  "I told you so." She couldn't go to her best friend as her friend would also do the "I told you so." So in the end, she rents a place using Frank's ring and the neighboring tenant just happened to be Frank.
            Both are complete opposites yet both are in need of money. They live together and go through problems together. Shan Mei starts to come out after her boyfriend's betrayal. Though opposites, the two fell in love in this humorous love story.

In all honesty, I was not used to this drama. Especially watching them act in It Started With A Kiss and They Kiss Again. It felt like their roles reversed in this drama and I was not used to it. 

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