Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hi my Sweetheart

This drama is one of those really cute and interesting dramas. The characters in this drama are really interesting and very different from other dramas. Like, in most dramas, you would see the girl getting her first kiss stolen by the guy. However, in this drama, the guy got his first kiss stolen by the girl. The girl is also really tough and always winds up saving the guy. Rainie Yang and Show Luo were in this drama and they did an amazing job acting their roles. 

              It first starts off with a dorky, childish boy. He is a rich, pampered boy with a friendly personality. He has been raised by his sister since he was a young child because their parents had died early. To prevent kidnapping cases (that is how overprotective his sister is) and to hide his real identity, they registered him in the University away from home as Da Lang. He was supposed to be a poor kid now. In that school, he meets the "Three Beauties" and also a girl named Bao Zhu that is always alone in the school and hated by others. She is very harsh to Da Lang when she first meets him. However, he managed to touch her as he said that he would worry about her if anything happened to her and tries to be friends with her. Bao Zhu, though she seems tough and has great fighting skills, she is actually soft-hearted inside and needs loving. They become friends even though Da Lang was constantly bullied by her. Then, as they spent time together, they began to like each other and started dating. It was Da Lang's first love.

              However, even though Da Lang is timid, he decided that he was going to propose to Bao Zhu. However, on the day he was going to surprise her with a proposal, she disappeared and left a note saying that she will only marry rich boys and can't like Da Lang because he is a poor (she still doesn't know his identity). Bao Zhu only did this because of her mother and it broke Bao Zhu's heart also. However,  Da Lang knew nothing about Bao Zhu's pain and as to why she did this. Thus, he became hurt and turned into a hunk afterwards. He made a decision that he will seek revenge upon Bao Zhu and do what she did to him to her. This story continues from there and it is really a interesting watch. The story was really humorous and their relationship together was complicated but nonetheless adorable. It was a very humorous watch. However, afterwards, when they met again they went through more events that only brought both of them together and it made them realize that they still loved each other and should still be each other. It was a very romantic watch and it is one of those dramas that you can just fall in love with.

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