Monday, February 18, 2013

Smiling Pasta

A lot of people liked this drama. So I figured that I would give it a watch. It's a Taiwanese drama and it was actually really interesting and it was a good drama. It kind of reminded me of the Korean drama Full  House. I'm a little busy today so I'll write a short one :)

              The main character is a girl named Xiao Shi. She had went through 17 short relationships that never lasted more than 3 months. She was believed to have a "three-month curse" and her family knows about it too. After being dumped by her last boyfriend, she bumps into a famous idol named He Qun. They end up kissing on the street by accident and paparazzi who were chasing He Qun took a lot of pictures. To avoid having a bad reputation, they declared that Xiao Shi was He Qun's girlfriend of one year and that they were engaged. This sounds kind of similar to Full House doesn't it? Anyways, they made a love contract as it was hard to just end the relationship making it look fake. The couple begins to like each other even though they constantly argued in the beginning. They also go through many obstacles caused by people and the media. It also shows you if Xiao Shi will be able to break her 3 month curse.


  1. This was actually a remake of Full House haha :) Just in case you never learned that afterwards. I definitely loved this though. It's cute and adorable and Cyndi and Nicholas are really cute together. It covered a lot of other plot lines too, like gaining courage in being yourself, family relationships, etc.

    1. I noticed it was similar in the theme to Full House but thank you for telling me that it was actually a remake ;)