Sunday, February 10, 2013

Drunken to Love You

Even though I prefer Rainie Yang with long hair, she was still nonetheless cute with short hair and this drama was extremely sweet also. She sure has matured throughout the years since her acting as Shang Cai's best friend in Meteor Garden. She also has gotten more natural in acting and she did really well in this drama and you can feel the intimacy between the two characters because they are such great actors.


              The couple completely met by coincidence which is pretty humorous. Song Jie Xiu, the male lead, wanted to propose to his girlfriend. However, he is rejected as she wants to accept a movie role that will make her career. For her future and career, she broke the poor guy's heart and still thinks that Jie Xiu will wait for her to settle down in her career before marrying. Meanwhile, our female lead, Lin Xiao Ru, is waiting for her boyfriend Ren Yi Xian so that they can get married in  Las Vegas. The two were completely close and both wanted the marriage.  It seemed like a perfect love story for Ren Yi Xian and Lin Xiao Ru. However, the unexpected happened when he found out that he had gotten a girl pregnant during a party while he was drunk. With that, he rejects Xiao Ru so that she can move on in life, not wanting to hurt her anymore. As he rejected Xiao Ru, even going extreme measures to get her away from him, Song Jie Xiu saw it and felt bad for her as he understood the pain of being rejected.
          They accidentally met at a bar and they both get drunk. They wake up not knowing anything about what happened. He soon came to realize that he had gotten married while he was drunk. People were congratulating him of his marriage through phone and text messages. He also found a valid marriage certificate with his wife being Lin Xiao Ru. He wants to quickly end this marriage to fix the situation immediately, but his girlfriend who found out asked him to stay in the marriage for three months so that she can finish her role and so that scandals won't fall on her as they can just remain as "friends" to the public eye. He agrees when his girlfriend promises that she will marry him after the movie wraps up and they will go public with their relationship.
             Xiao Ru agrees to this three month contract marriage with Jie Xiu as she was facing a career obstacle. Together, they live as a married couple in front of people. They slowly began to learn more of each other, care more for each other, and come to realize that they were forming a love relation. This drama had a lot of happy endings and the relationship between the two was pretty interesting.

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