Monday, February 11, 2013

Cheongdamdong Alice

Episodes: 16 
Cheongdamdong Alice was really enjoyable for me. I liked the weirdness of our male lead and the way our girl lead is so naive about love. I like how through a series of events these two came together. Our male lead is kind of similar to the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. He does a lot of weird things and says a lot of weird things. He even tried to cry once and was so fascinated when he did. Our male lead was just so enjoyable to watch. And it was so interesting to see him change from his goofy self to a serious, calm, and cool person. He has two sides to himself which made it more enjoyable. 

           Our main character is played by Moon Geun Young. Her name is Han Se Kyung and she believes that hard work will allow her to succeed in life which is why her favorite motto is "L'effort est ma force." (Hard work is my strength). She is very optimistic even when going through all these hardships and she's constantly helping her boyfriend, who is also under debt, like she is. She is good at designing because when she was a student, she entered many design contests and won first place in many. She gets accepted at her dream job at GN Fashion even though she scored the lowest on the interview. It turns out that she was hired because the president's wife, Seo  Yoon Joo, was her high school classmate and rival. Seo Yoon Joo used to be the second in the class while Se Kyung was #1 and she was always ready to bully/bother Se Kyung then. Now, that she was hired, instead of designing,Se Kyung ends up having to run errands for Seo Yoon Joo, who is rich after marrying the president of a company.

           At first, when I saw the struggles her boyfriend was going through with the debt and the hospital fees, I totally shipped them together. This drama truly showed the ugly side of life and it was so touching when they both comforted each other. Se Kyung meets Jean Thierry Cha (the youngest CEO in the luxury brand market) a few times. But they get off with a bad start. There was a misunderstanding that Se Kyung was one of those women who bought luxury brands even if poor. But the reality of it was that she was running an errand. He lies that he's a secretary and they meet a few times. When her boyfriend, decided to illegally sell bags from Jean Thierry Cha's company (since her boyfriend works there), she sends Jean Thierry Cha a letter to forgive her boyfriend even giving all of her life savings to pay for the bags. Jean Thierry Cha, touched by their love, took care of the business, and gave the money that the girl had given him to her boyfriend. However, they found out later, that the boyfriend took Se Kyung's money and ran off to a different country to start a new life. So much for true love...

         She is hurt and will never be the same again from the on. However Jean Thierry Cha starts to have feelings for her for who she is but who knew that she will take a huge step to change herself for a better life. Se Kyung saw how Yoon  Joo's life was better than hers, she decides she will do what Yoon Joo did. She will marry a rich man and get into Cheondamdong. She asks for help from Yoon Joo and Yoon Joo agrees on a way to get her married to someone rich in Cheongdamdong which is a particularly posh neighborhood in Gangnam District. However, that is bad because, Jean Thierry Cha loved her for who she was, and he hated woman who are obsessed with luxury brand products and those who marry for money because his ex-girlfriend (Yoon Joo) had done that and hurt him. He didn't expect Se Kyung to decide to take the path of marrying for money.

          The entire time, Jean Thierry Cha pretended to be a secretary. And strangely, Se Kyung finds herself falling for him even though she said she wanted a rich man. In this drama, you see how this story falls into place as they search for true love and happiness with one another. It has an interesting concept because rarely you see the main actress start leaning toward the bad side and easy way of things but she goes there and through that they meet love and everything. It has an interesting concept. I also hope you people don't always say that you don't like Moon Geun Young just because of her looks (I saw comments on this). She is an amazing actress and she has been acting as a young child. The acting should be what counts mostly.

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