Friday, February 15, 2013

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child

         This drama was a fast watch and pretty intense and interesting. And I really liked the child actress, Kim Yoo Jung, and the actress who played the gumiho did an amazing job also. It has 16 episodes. This drama was actually very interesting and I liked it but its kind of underrated as not a lot of people have watched it. So if you guys have a chance, you should take a look at it. It's a pretty good drama. Even though it had some creepy scenes that you might find scary, I thought it was actually fine and it was interesting to see change between the role of the mother to a gumiho seeking revenge for her daughter.  
Just a note to those who don't know what a gumiho is (I didn't know till I watched My GF is a Gumiho), a gumiho is a legendary nine-tailed fox. When they are in human form, they are stunning woman and legend has it the gumiho takes the liver of men and eats it. In this drama, the woman had no means of killing people but just wanted to keep herself hidden from humans and try to live as a human and try to protect her daughter from harm. 

           The gumiho, a stunning woman, is telling her daughter, Yeon Yi, of the love story of the gumiho. No one knows that this woman is a gumiho. The love story started out with her husband encountering the gumiho in "monster" form. The gumiho said that she will spare the man's life but he has to promise to not ever mention the gumiho again. He promised, doing whatever he could to spare his life. Then as he left the forest, he encounters a beautiful woman (the gumiho in her human form) and they get married. Apparently, if the gumiho gets married for ten years with a mortal, she can become human. However, the day before 10 years was up, the man mentioned the gumiho and the gumiho lost her chance of becoming a human.
            She said, "If you had waited one more day, ten years would've been up." She also said that not only is she not getting her chance of becoming human but also their daughter Yeon Yi. She spares the man his life and still loves her daughter dearly. However, she knows, in 3 months when her daughter turns 10, her daughter will also turn into a fox. Her husband later commits suicide by himself with his wife and daughter gone (the girl ran after her mother).  The two began to live together and they end up becoming servants at a house because at that house, their daughter was sick with a rare disease and could not open her eyes.
          However, if there is a girl who is born on the same month, day, year, and time as the sick girl, Cho Ok, the sick girl would get better. When Yeon Yi and her mother appeared, Cho Ok got better. In order for the girl to be better forever, it meant that Yeon Yi had to be sacrificed and Cho Ok will have to eat Yeon Yi's liver. However, in the time being, they lived there. A young master and  Yeon Yi start forming a love relation and the mother also had a kind man liking her and the master of the house also started liking the gumiho too.
          The mother and daughter suffered quite a lot in this household. Cho Ok constantly bothered Yeon Yi, even making the servants throw Yeon  Yi into a well. The mother of the household also bothered Yeon Yi's mother. Thankfully, a servant who also liked the gumiho and didn't care if she was a beast or not or the fact that her child was also a beast, always helped the mother and daughter as best as he could. Cho Ok was also extremely bratty. Throughout the time, Yeon Yi began to notice changes  as she sometimes would transfer into a fox figure. The master of the household, the father of Cho Ok, did not want to kill Yeon Yi as he started feeling something for the mom. However, for the sake of his own daughter, the master killed Yeon Yi and gave Yeon Yi's liver to his daughter. 
         Finding that her daughter was killed for the sake of Cho Ok's life, the gumiho begins to pretend like she has lost her memory and continues working at the place. She wants to get revenge for Yeon Yi and she even gets to talk to Yeon Yi's ghost a few times when it possesses Cho Ok's body. In this brilliant drama, you can see the sense of love and protection this mother has over her child as she tries to save her over and over again and then try to get revenge. In this drama, you begin questioning who is truly the beast and who is the human.
        I liked the ending because it was sweet, but I felt really bad for the two guys that liked the mother-daughter pair. Anyways, enjoy this drama! You truly should watch it! It's a fast watch and you get hooked on this pretty fast too.

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