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Can we get Married?

This was written by my friend. :) -Dramagirl 

Can we get married is a romantic comedy about 4 different couples and their love stories. 

           In the beginning we learn about the first couple, Jung-Hoon (Sung-Joon) and Hye Yoon (Jung So-Min). Jung- Hoon works at a toy company and Hye Yoon works as a second grade teacher. Jung-Hoon's friend Ki- Joong (Kim Young-Kwang), a chef who owns his own restaurant, cooks him and his future finance (Hye Yoon)  dinner which is part one of the proposal. Ki- Joong brings out the dessert which has a ring inside and can you guess what happens? Well, let's just say, it wasn't too romantic. Hye Yoon gets the ring caught in her throat when she swallowed it and when the ring pops out she gets upset at Jung- Hoon and pushes him away when he tries to console her. Part Two of his proposal happens when he drives to a hotel and Hye Yoon gets the wrong idea. He take her to the suite that he decorated with hearts and decorations. She starts to cry as he gets down on one knee and says…."Marry me?"  
            She tells him that it is the proposal she has been waiting for and they exchange a few kisses. Their marriage is opposed by their mothers and because of their mother they break up twice. The first time it was because Jung Hoon's mother cried because when both of their mothers met, Hye Yoon's mother did not say any nice things about Jung- Hoon, only complimenting her daughter and how lucky she was. Because Jung- Hoon cared deeply about his mother's feelings he broke off the engagement. The scond time they brok up was again because of Hye- Yoon's mother because Hye Yoon thought that Jung Hoon was too nice and could not stand up for himself. This was partially true because he knew his family was paying for the wedding due to Hye- Yoon's family's financial problems and because Hye- Yoon's mother had personally gone to him and told him to tell his mother to pay for everything. This break up was the most emotional part of their love story but it brought them closer together and their understanding and love for each other grew stronger. It was Hye- Yoon's mother who brought them both back together in the end. 

During their relationship, we are introduced to the second couple, Ki Joong and Dong Bi. (They are my favorite couple even though they really arent the main characters in this drama. I felt that their relationship was the sweetest but most heartbreaking which is probably why im going to write more about their relationship that what i am going to write for three other couples.) Their relationship in the beginning was strictly physical and when Dong Bi wants to get married 5 years into their relationship Ki Joong refuses and they break up. Dong Bi goes into a state of depression and tries to get Ki Joong back, after breaking in to his house and messing up his closet and getting caught she and Ki Joong decide to remain friends. When Ki Joong gets engaged to Chae Young (Jin Ye Sol) for business purposes, Dong Bi gets drunk and asks him why he is marrying Chae Young when he and Dong Bi had dated for 5 years. Soon Dong Bi starts to have feeling for Hye Yoon's fiance Jung Hoon. Because Dong Bi and Jung Hoon are best friends they tell each other everything and they drink together when they have relationship problems. during Hye Yoon and Jung Hoon's second break up, Jung Hoon gets drunk and goes to Dong Bi's house where he unintentionally kisses her. Hye Yoon fnds Jung Hoon sleeping in Dong Bi's bed the next morning and assumes the worst which causes her to break friendship ties with Dong Bi and worsens her break up with Jung Hoon. Ki Joong on the other hand is left alone when Chae Yoon deserts him at the airport to go to their honeymoon. He goes back to Dong Bi, remembering that she had told hi to come back anytime even if he thought it was too late, but Dong Bi tells him she has fallen in love with someone else and no longer loves him. But Ki Joong does not give up and tells Dong Bi that the reason he didn't marry her in the first place was because she could not handle his mother who treasured her family's reputation. When Jung Hoon and Hye Joon get back together and Hye Yoon forgives Dong Bi, Ki Joong goes to her place and Dong Bi tells him that she had kissed Jung Hoon that night but Jung Hoon didnt know that. Ki Joong only smiles and says that he is glad that she didnt sleep with Jung Hoon and kisses her. He tells her that every kiss she had before it didnt count, making her kiss him again. Dong Bi meets Ki Joong's mother and after a bad encounter ,she breaks up with Ki Joong saying that he could find someone better. A few days later Jung Hoon and Hye Yoon meet up with Ki Joong to tell him to not let Dong Bi go causing him to grab Dong Bi and tell her that he wants her to change his mind and that he is sorry but he can't let her go <3 Ki Joong and Dong Bi have a common law marriage and Dong Bi meets Ki Joong's mother again; this time she stands up for herself saying that she lost Ki Joong once and she isnt going to lose him again because she loves him. 

Hye Jin (Jeong Ae-Yeon) and Do Hyun (Kim Sing-Min) have been married for 7 years after Hye Jin's mother caught then in the same hotel room and forced Do Hyun to marry her daughter. He reluctantly agreed and from then on Hye Jin and done everything a PERFECT wife would do. She cooked him dinner, prepared his bath for him, and obeyed his every order. now you might think shes weak but that changes when u see her poke holes in her husband's motorcycle. She finds out that her husband is cheating on her but it isnt the first time. This girl however has made it her business to care. Yoo Ri (Choi Ji Hun) is a car model and when she tells Hye Jin that Do Hyun thinks that Hye Jin is old, she splashes 2 cups of coffee on Yoo Ri in the cafe and storms out leaving Yoo Ri soaked and pissed. Hye Jin files for a divorce and goes to Hye Yoon's ex boyfriend (who is now a divorce lawyer) for help. I love Hye Jin's character because she gets to destroy peoples property, and by people i mean Yoo Ri's and Do Hyun's. She breaks into Yoo Ri's apartment and trashes her home with a golf club which causes Yoo Ri to have a fear that He Jin is going to try again. Since Hye Jin and Do Hyun have a son Tae Won (Hwang Jae Won) they are also in a custody battle. In the end Yoo Ri tells Do Hyun that she does not want kids and she doesnt want to raise any either. Hye Jin meanwhile gathers more evidence to put before the court and be with the amount she has she wins the custody battle and the divorce is successful. I respect Hye Jin because even though she hates the sight of Do Hyun she still wants him to have a happy life and even tells Tae Won that she and Do Hyun were play fighting like kids when Tae Hyun starts to avoid his father after he saw him slap Hye Jin one night. 

This last relationship was the cutest and the funniest because they met while riding a motorcycle and they act like teenagers even though they're old enough to be senior citizens <3 Min- Ho (Kim Jin-Soo) is Ki Joongs friend and Do Hyun's best friend. he wishes to have a child and is trying to find a woman who is willing to be with him. One day when Deul Ra (Choi Hwa Jung) barges into Ki Joong's restaurant and screams at him asking why he broke up with her niece (Dong Bi) Do Hyun is asked to bring her home and Deul Ra becomes obsessed with motorcycles after she rides Do Hyun's home. They meet again in a motorcycle shop and Deul Ra tries to run away from Do Hyun when she is pursued. She eventually buys her own motorcycle and she starts to spend nights with Do Hyun after injuring his hand. As their relationship progresses, Deul Ra tells Do Hyun that she does not want to have kids but he stays with her anyways because he loves her :). Since Hye Yoon's mom is also Deul Ra's older sister, she is at first furious that her little sister has brought home a motorcycle but starts to accept Deul Ra and Do Hyun's relationship when he propses to Deul Ra and she realizes that Deul Ra is never going to get married at her age is she doesn't now. Deul Ra is rushed to the hospital one day after eating and throwing up and since she couldn't seem to stop, Do Hyun takes her to the hospital where he is informed that his wife is pregnant. Deul Ra is happy as well and they embrace. 
These 4 love stories were different from each other and each had their unique twist with one similar plot. Marriage. 

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  1. I feel the same way that dong bi and ki joong r my favorite couple thank you for writing this!