Monday, February 4, 2013

Coffee Prince

This drama was actually pretty boring for me. This was also a drama that received a lot of hype and had a lot of fans. I just couldn't fall in love with the concept.

           Our main character is played by Yoon Eun Hye. Her name is Eun Chan. She has to work many jobs to pay off debts and she's kind of a tomboy with short hair and everything. She works as a Taekwondo instructor and also delivers food (which made a bunch of women mistaken her as a boy when she entered a bathing room). While making a delivery she meets, Han Gyul. Han Gyul is the heir to a big food company (Dongin Foods and it is a coffee business) and his grandmother wants him to settle down and made him go on many dates. However, due to Eun Chan's short hair, Han Gyul thought that she was a boy. When she needed to pay rent and buy a ring to replace the one she lost, she made a deal with Han Gyul and agreed to pose as his lover. Eun Chan goes to a blind date his grandmother set up and kissed Eun Chan who was wearing a men's suit, to get away from the blind date. Then afterwards, they meet again and Han Gyul said that he could hire her to work at the Coffee Prince cafe so that she can earn money.
          However, they slowly start building a relationship. Han Gyul still thought that Eun Chan was a boy and started questioning himself if he liked boys. He tried to avoid her at first but eventually accepted it. Eun Chan also reveals that she is a girl by wearing a dress to work and taking off the bandages she wore inside her shirt. She tries to tell him that she's actually a girl but at that moment, she wasn't given a chance to say it. It goes on as they have more conflicts and different things going in with the drama. The ending was also really sweet and was a really sweet drama.

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