Sunday, February 17, 2013

Love Contract

This drama was acted by Ariel Lin and Mike He. I actually liked this drama because it worked even though I thought it wouldn't work well in this drama. Ariel Lin and Mike He did a great job acting in this drama. I'll get straight to the point for this drama and start on the synopsis.
         Ariel Lin plays the role of Xiao Feng who is a stubborn tomboy and the captain of the Kendo Club at her college. She is very leader like as she is very demanding and she is also very tough. However, despite her tough image, Xiao Feng actually just wants to search for love and come out of her scarred past. Her friends don't know anything about Xiao Feng's past or that the main thing she wanted was love, but are always loyal to Xiao Feng. However, one day her friends, Xiao Bai and Ah  Kai leave the Kendo Club to be a part of the Swim Team because Xiao Feng was pretty tough on them.
          To their disappointment, they found out that the captain of the Swim  Team, Ah  Ken, was just as strict as Xiao Feng and made them do a lot of work. It was pretty hilarious as you watched them do grueling exercises while complaining. When Xiao Feng told her friends that she wanted to fall in love the most of all, Xiao Bai and Ah Ken devised a prank known as the "love contract." Ah Ken must date Xiao Feng and they will find members to recruit for the swim team.
           At first, when Ah Ken tried to date her, Xiao Feng would play tricks. However, none of them expected that they would actually start falling for each other. As they become more intimate due to troubles at home, their friends have problems that might threaten them to break apart. For example, a guy named Mu Tou who has liked Xiao  Feng for a long time was jealous of their relationship. He tries to break them up. Ah Kai, a childhood friend of Xiao Feng, also has a crush on her but he is dating Xin Lei. Now here is where the huge love triangle...parallelogram.....starts. Ah Kai likes Xiao Feng but is dating Xin Lei, but Xiao Bai likes Xin Lei and Xiao Xiao likes Xiao Bai. So things start getting confusing with all these love connections. And problems also start occurring as Xiao Feng's past is revealed and also when she finds out that Ah Ken only dated her for the love contract.

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