Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Love Buffet

This was a really cute drama with 2 hot Fahrenheit boys (Calvin and Aaron). I really liked it because it was just really adorable, the way they both like the girl. Not to mention, my bias in the Taiwanese group of Fahrenheit is Aaron. So anyways, I enjoyed it because it was cute and it was just for fun and I found this drama very sweet. This isn't one of those dramas that leave you loving it and re-watching it.  It's just a cute drama to pass the time with. Calvin was also really cute. I love his smile :)

           Our main character is Xiao Feng. She is a very lively girl and is starting her first year of college. However, they get two new neighbors living in her house with them. Their names are Yi Cheng and Da Ye and they were going to be attending the same college as she is. These two guys were hot and rich and they were sharing a house together. The two also had very different personalities. Yi Cheng is the quiet guy who can't get over his past romance while Da Ye is cute, charming, does't know the meaning of love, and plays around a lot.
              At first, Xiao Feng falls in love with Da Ye. She finally got enough courage to ask him out because she felt that even though he treats every girl the same way, she thought that he was treating her a bit better. She confesses to him and gets rejected for Da Ye says he didn't really know what being in love was like or the true meaning of love. This made her heartbroken and depressed. Yi Cheng (Ah Yi is their nickname for him) ends up being her mountain to lean on during this time. He starts to fall for her and so does Xiao Feng. However, both still hold on to their other person in their heart. For Yi Cheng he is still remembering his past love and she is still remembering Da Ye. But then, Yi Cheng's past love appears again and things become complicated. Xiao Feng decides to go back to Da Ye. However things aren't as easy as it seems as their love relations become more confusing. Da Ye also begins to feel something. So in the end, Xiao Feng is caught between two guys that she has feelings for.


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