Friday, February 1, 2013

Absolute Boyfriend

I watched the Japanese version of this and I really liked it, even shedding a few tears towards the end. Wouldn't it be great if all girls in this world could have a boyfriend that is exactly what you would like him to be? This is about a girl who gets a robot boyfriend that matches her ideal type in looks and personality and what he does for her. There is now a Taiwanese version of this too but I didn't really like it because Goo Hye Sun's (the girl from BOF) voice was dubbed since she's Korean. I actually wanted to hear her actual voice and hear her try speaking Chinese. I mean, they could've just made her a person who came to a different country for a job but it was dubbed and it sounded totally off...
I also didn't like how the robot acted at times in the Taiwanese version but it was still basically the same story.
Personally,  I preferred the Japanese version. So I'll be writing on the Japanese version:

Our main character Riiko is not very lucky with love. Thus, when she receives a business card for a website that sells "love figures," she goes there and orders one without knowing the problems this may bring. She chooses her ideal look for her boyfriend and also what she wishes that he would do for her. This was then programmed into this robot and it was sent to the house for a 3-day free trial. Yet, when she couldn't return him before the deadline, she has to find a way to return a one million debt that she now owes.
        During this time, her robot boyfriend does whatever he can to please her and do what she wants. For example, she had said that she would like to see her boyfriend exercising. However, since robots can't sweat, he was spraying water on himself the entire time. Her boyfriend was also doing a lot of romantic things for her and was doing really cool things like using his extreme strength and speed. He did whatever he could to protect her from harm and even went working to help her return the debt. He loved her so much that he even said things like "Her smile is my happiness."
       However, the weird thing that took over the robot, was love. As a love robot, he was only supposed to do what was programmed with him. It was programmed for him to love her. However, he began to think and feel on his own and he began to truly fall in love with Riiko. In the end, for Riiko to have a happiness with a man that also likes her, he decides to end ties with her. He decides to let her go on with life without having a robot by her side. When she leaves, crying, he found himself also crying. This is also weird as a robot couldn't produce fluids. It showed that he was becoming more and more human-like. Then he closed down on his own. It was a really touching and sweet drama that will leave you falling in love with this silly, love-stricken robot and a girl who was freaked out by this absolute boyfriend that she had ordered.

This robot boyfriend truly makes you wish that you had one seeing how much he is willing to do for you and how far he'd go to make you smile and to protect you...even if it means sacrificing himself.

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