Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm Sorry I Love You

This is an old classic. It was amazing but the ending was really sad. So if you aren't really into tragic endings, this may not be the drama for you. However, you'll be missing out on a beautiful drama! It was also really popular but like I said, it was produced many years ago.


Our male lead is named Cha Moo Hyuk and he was abandoned by his parents as a kid and was adopted by a couple in Australia. However, he was mistreated and roamed the streets and made a living by cheating tourists out of their money when they are lost. It is through one of his scams that he meets the female lead of Song Eun Chae. Song Eun Chae is a fashion coordinator and the childhood friend of Choi Yoon. Choi Yoon is a famous singer and Song Eun Chae sees him as her life's focal point. Song Eun Chae was in Australia at that time because Choi Yoon had to visit Australia for a photo shoot with Eun Chae's actress friend, Min Joo. It turned out that Choi Yoon had no interest at Eun Chae and was using her to get close to Min Joo who he actually liked. This hurt her but she still does as he asks, (gosh, isn't that what Eponine had to do in Les Miserables?)
             Her luggage and money were stolen by Moo Hyuk's band of criminals. She was left alone by Choi Yoon and bumps into Moo Hyuk as she wandered around. He helps her because he felt bad for her and actually found that Moo Hyuk managed to get the stuff stolen by his gang and return it all to Eun Chae. With all her stuff, she manages to get on the plane back to Korea and bumps into Choi Yoon and Min Joo. Oh dear, and to make matters worse, they became an item. Moo Hyuk also has trouble with love too and even faces an accident. He was invited to his ex-girlfriend's wedding and he still had feelings for the girl. At the wedding, he got shot twice in the head by accident as someone was trying to assassinate the ex-girlfriend's husband. Only one bullet was removed from Moo Hyuk's head. As for the other bullet, it was too deeply within his head and could not be surgically removed. Thus, it meant that he will die with the bullet in his head and he has no longer than a year to live. How pleasant for that poor man to know....
            Feeling guilty, the ex-girlfriend who still married (gosh, girl, you still got married in those situations? People were trying to murder your husband!), gave Moo Hyuk money telling him to go to Korea to find his birth parents who had abandoned him at his birth. He does some research and goes to find his parents in Korea. Little did he expect for his mother to be a Korean actress that is well known. He was the son of Audrey! But his mother already had a son who just happens to be Choi Yoon. This mother-son actress/actor are popular and they show a very close relationship with one another. This makes Moo Hyuk sad to know that he was abandoned while his brother was living with his mother in a loving environment and loved by people around him because he also acted.
           He bumped into his birth mother but she is living the life without knowing of a son in Australia suffering and wandering. Upset that his own mother makes no attempt to find him and care for him, he vows revenge on his mother and Choi Yoon. As he tries to bring Choi Yoon and his mother down, by getting close to Choi Yoon and becoming his manager, he falls in love with Song Eun  Chae. As this love blossoms, more secrets reveal themselves. He learns the true story behind the fact that he was "abandoned." In this love story filled with secrets, revenge, and tragedy, you will find a classic.

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  1. Hi!!!!
    I also loved watching this drama very much!!!!
    I have a question though... Do you think the mother knows the truth in the end about having twin children, and that moo hyuk is one of them?
    I saw the mother and her daughter talking to each other in yoon's concert in the end but they never seem to openly reveal about this fact....