Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Will it Snow for Christmas?

I am going  to be doing a synopsis on Will it  Snow for Christmas?This was a drama that really plays with your emotions on it. I liked it and hated it at the same time. It is the kind of drama that makes you frustrated, upset to the point of crying, and it also makes you adore it.

It starts off with our two main characters who are still teenagers. The girl, Jiwan, adores her big brother and looks up to him as a role model. She was hanging a banner for her brother who was going off to medical school when she meets Kang Jin. They didn't have a good first meeting, especially since Jiwan was going berserk and yelling at the poor boy for removing the banners so that they can drive through the area. They attended the same school and she started to crush on Kang Jin and eventually he fell for her also. However, her brother that she admired so much died because he was helping her find Kang Jin's necklace that fell into the water. Her brother died finding it and it caused her to be devastated and her mother to be cold/harsh to her. She also begins to hate Kang Jin. She leaves home.
          Jiwan moves on in life.  Years later, the two people meet again. Kang Jin meets Jiwan at her wedding to his friend/work rival. He saw her get stood up at the wedding and had to postpone her big day. From then on, Kangjin tries to get back into Jiwan's life again. However, she constantly tries to keep moving on and forgetting about her past. They begin to form a relationship again and it was really cute. This was an interesting drama and it was a good watch if you plan on watching it. Also Kim Soohyun (the guy from Dream High) played the teenage Kang Jin.

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