Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fairy from Wonderland/Seven of the Sky/Tian Wai Fei Xian

         The name was originally translated as things like Little Fairy and Fairy from Wonderland which don't really describe the drama that well. I watched this on youtube and the person who uploaded this series called it Seven of the Sky. This is a fantasy-love drama and it is based on a Chinese legend of the seventh fairy of the sky coming down to the mortal world and falling in love with a mortal. I also really liked the intro song, so I liked watching this drama since I felt the chemistry was really great between the two.
          This drama shows just how much people will go through for love and to fight for their rights to love one another. It also teaches you life lessons of life and what it means to sacrifice what is important to you, to fight for what you believe in, and to push the powers of love even when it was not allowed between heaven and earth. This story talks about how the 7th fairy called Xiao Qi and Dong Yong (who is also known as Di Gua) who met in the mortal world and develop a friendship, a special bond, and then love.

         Di Gua (his real name is Dong Yong) is a mortal. The seventh fairy is the daughter of the Jade Emperor and comes to Earth to meet her sister's former love, Lao Xin Rong. She wants Lao Xin Rong to say that he does not like her sister anymore, so her sister won't have to suffer and be locked in that eerie garden. The Jade Emperor wants to make sure that the rules of Heaven are followed...and that is the fairies cannot have any relationship with mortals.
      Xiao Qi, the seventh fairy, tried her best to help save her sister from that dark garden where her sister is locked in. She managed to free her sister even though her sister still had feelings for the mortal. Though it was a good thing that Xiao Qi did, she still went against the rules of Heaven by going to the mortal world. Thus, as punishment to make her become a better daughter in terms of actions and personality, the Jade Emperor and Empress send her to the mortal world to learn things from Di Gua who is very righteous and filial.  Xiao Qi had met Di  Gua before and Di Gua appeared to have a crush on Xiao Qi and Xiao Qi was confused with her emotions also.
         The Jade  Emperor and Empress were scared of her falling in love in the mortal world, and got rid of her love roots so that she won't feel emotions towards people. She was also dressed like a male and enrolled in the school where Lao works. Di Gua is in charge of caring for her and she lived with his family also. However, the unexpected happened as the seventh fairy, Xiao Qi, grew her love roots back. The two fell in love and this caused them to repeat the history that their teacher and Xiao Qi's second sister had. In order to not be separated, Di Gua and his friends manage to get to heaven and seen for his worth, the Jade Emperor allowed his daughter to marry Di Gua. Sadly, they can only be together for 100 days as there is still a barrier between Heaven and mortals. Months after she left, she gave birth to a baby boy in the celestial palace, the seventh fairy and Di Gua vow to never stop loving even if it means to wait for many centuries. Thus, in 21st century China, towards the end, Di Gua gets reincarnated and he met the seventh fairy again who seems to have forsaken her immortality and heavenly status.
        Also, there was a character named Xue Hai. She appears to be evil and is actually a leopard cat, but she actually is a really kind person. She didn't want to kill people but her greed for becoming mortal was too great. She actually was a very strong character and cared for relations with others. For example, the second fairy had helped her many times and so Xue Hai always tried her best to help the second fairy even if it is bad for her to waste all her energy.

There are many films produced based on this Chinese legend, another one, that I will be doing a review on soon can be found on dramafever called Fairy Couple.

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