Sunday, February 10, 2013


This is a Taiwanese drama and I really liked Mike He in this. I mean, he's a great actor...and one of the best kissers in Taiwanese dramas. Amazing actor. Also before KPOP, Fahrenheit and S.H.E were really big and popular. A member of S.H.E is acting in this and it's Hebe! She also did a great job.
           This isn't actually about bullfighting. It started off as a 3-on-3 basketball competition between two rival schools. The winner of the competition would then control the 13th Street basketball court for the following year. This basketball competition takes place every year. However, to everybody's surprise, the 9-year reigning champion lost this year. He lost because of one girl.
          Hebe plays the role of Yi Sheng Xue. Yi Sheng Xue is a hot-headed, lively girl who is a bullfighting fan. Her background is the daughter of a sort of gang/clan group. She becomes the love interest of two young men. One is her personal bodyguard who had always been there for her even when they were children and so they were best friends, his name is Jin Zi Cong. He's a very devoted guy to Yi Sheng Xue, willing to take punishments for her, protecting her, and helping her whenever she needed it. The other is Shen Ruo He. They start off with a not so sweet relationship. However, after much rivalry against each other, Yi  Sheng Xue finds herself falling for Shen Ruo He. I really liked the chemistry between Shen Ruo He and Yi Sheng Xue. But then again, Mike He always manages to spark up the chemistry with just a serious look with his eyes. Its the power of them eyes!
         I also really liked the personality of Yi Sheng Xue in this. In most Taiwanese dramas or Korean dramas. The main lead actress is always the innocent, sweet, damsel in distress. She always needs a guy there to catch her and fall for her beauty. Not in this case, this girl should have Miss A's I Don't Need A Man playing in the background. She's strong willed, tough, and tomboyish. Lee Wei, though I felt bad for him because he had to watch the girl he loves so dearly, love another man and form a relationship with another man, I thought he was really annoying. Don't we all find those people getting caught in between a beautiful relationship annoying? He also had trouble moving on which was probably the main reason why I found him annoying because I truly felt bad for him in the beginning.
           Anyways the story continues with the two beginning to fall for each other, but they have obstacles standing in their way. They begin to get over them together. See their humorous moments and their painful moments (there were a lot of cute scenes in here) and also see how they deal with all these obstacles coming their way. Also, how will faithful and can't-get-over-the-girl Lee Wei deal? In this interesting drama with strong, tough characters, you can find out!

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