Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fondant Garden

This is a Taiwanese drama but it has Korean components combined into it. Also Park Jungmin from SS501 acted in this drama. So SS501 fans should totally check this out and support Jungmin! He worked extremely hard and even had to grab a cactus plant to emphasize a scene and in the end, the stylists had to pluck cactus needles out of his hand :( This drama is the kind that won't make you cry but keep you interested in the love story between the characters. The story picks up at episode 5, the beginning episodes are to let you understand the story better. There is also the use of both Korean and Chinese as Park Jung Min is Korean and he plays a Taiwanese-Korean character.

              Our main character is Zheng Mi En and she is a very talented pastry chef and works and manages a bakery called Fondant Garden. Her friend, Chen Ai Lin, asked Mi  En to bake the cakes for her and to pass them off as her own creations to convince her father that she was the one baking these delicious cakes that Mi En was actually making. So, Mi En takes Ai Lin's place in the fondant cake-making competition in Korea and it dragged Mi En into Ai  Lin's lies.
             She meets Po Xi Huan/ Park Hee Hwan who is a second-generation Taiwanese-Korean businessman from a Korean company. He does not want to inherit the family business yet his father wants him to. His father wanted to use the upcoming cake competition as a way to force Xi Huan into an arranged marriage with the winner (who was chosen ahead of time). That sucks considering they are still having this competition and Xi Huan did not want to have an arranged marriage with the girl. He had met Mi En before asking her to smile at him once so that he can leave the date. He's not interested in that girl chosen for him.
              Han Xiang, is Xi Huan's Taiwanese cousin who runs the family business division in Taiwan. He also wants to get his father's company too and he finds it hard to understand how his cousin was not interested in taking over the business, and might still get it. Therefore, Xi Huan, in order to not get the business decides tp go to Taiwan for a vacation. He gets hit in the head with a frying pan and temporarily lost his memory and stays with Mi En at Fondant Garden. At first, Mi En liked Han Xiang as he was the first guy she met and took interest to.  However, overtime, she begins to find herself liking Xi Huan and her friend Ai Lin starts to like Xi Huan. In this drama, you can see how the actors interact with one another and how the love story goes.

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