Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bridal Mask

This drama is ultimately amazing and intense and exciting. It has everything you can ask for. Childhood love, revenge, hatred, love again, and just amazing and action-packed. I am also really starting to like the main actor of this film, Joo Won, because he is truly amazing in acting. He did a great job in Baker King Kim Tak Gu and now he's acting in Level 7 Civil Servant (which I will be watching soon and then making a synopsis on). I highly recommend this drama to all those who haven't watched this.

            Our two main characters started off as childhood lovers. They met completely by chance. Kang To was with his family and other people and they were travelling when they found Boonyi on the side of the road. Her mother had died so they allowed her to come along since she was supposed to go find her father somewhere. The two shared a lot of sweet memories. However, on their way, they met with bandits and ended up getting separated. Before they separated, Kang To gave Boonyi his father's knife telling her that as long as she stays alive, he will come to find her. However, as he left, he believed that she had been killed as a bandit came up behind her with a sword. But he had to leave with the rest of his family.
          Years later, Kang To is known as Japanese peoples' dog. This is because during the Japanese imperialism in Korea, in order for him to live a better life and for his family, he decided to betray his country and be loyal to the Japanese. He believed that his father had been killed by the Japanese and the reason why is brother is now mentally ill is because of the Japanese.  In order to allow his family to survive and not have to work hard and get beaten, he decided to be loyal to the Japanese and caught all patriots of Korea. He did this even though people looked down on him and his mother disapproved of his actions and wanted desperately to bring his family out of poverty and be successful.
          Boon Yi now goes by the name of Mok Dan and is part of a circus group. She is also known by the name of Esther...yeah, this girl got 3 names. She is constantly helping the Gakistal (bridal mask) as they fought for Korea. Kang To, on the other hand, is trying to catch the Gakistal. The Gakistal basically protects the people from the Japanese colonists' oppression and abuse of power. The two lovers don't recognize each other, at first, and ultimately despise each other. He slapped the girl before and she had spit in his face before and they had a lot of fights also. However, he soon found out that she was his first love when he saw his knife that he had given to her as children, yet he was supposed to use her as bait to lure out the Gakistal who had saved her 3 times already. However, he is not the only one with a love line with her. His best friend is a Japanese person but he is very kind and loving to Koreans. However, when his brother was killed, he took the position of his brother to get revenge without knowing that the Gakistal was now his best friend. He also likes the girl as she had once helped him take care of his nanny that had raised him when they were children. This complicated story is sure to keep you on your toes especially as you see the kind person turn harsher and colder.
         The story continues as he finds out that the Gakistal was actually his brother which threw him off because his brother was supposedly mentally ill. However, his brother and mother both died, leaving Kang To devastated. (I cried so much). With that, he continues being part of the Japanese but behind their backs, he takes on the role of Gakistal for his brother as he realizes his wrongdoings. He begins doing what the bridal mask always did and went against his friend who was trying to avenge his brother on the bridal mask. With this, the story sets sail as Boonyi finds out her first love was actually Kang To. This story shows how friendship can turn to rivalry and this thriller will surely excite you as you realize how their surroundings and all this going on can complicate their relationship. What happens as Kang To takes on the bridal mask and has to fight against his best friend is up to you people to find out, and whether or not Kang To ends up with his Boonyi is also up to you to find out. However, this drama was amazing.  It left me breathless and and it made me bite my nails, it made me shed tears, it made me smile, and let's just say, it really messed with my feelings. Amazing drama! The ending made my heart feel all sorts of emotions and this drama is just beautiful. The acting was amazing and I absolutely loved it. I always find it interesting to check out Behind The Scenes afterwards and its fascinating how much fun the cast of this intense drama were having. However, throughout the drama, I could not believe how horrible their aiming was when they were shooting at the bridal mask. Haha! However, I loved Shunji even though he was so evil. He was evil but you can see how he struggles with himself and the conflict he feels throughout the drama and the changes he took to himself. At first, he realized he was changing and was incredibly scared of what he might do next. You can see just how much conflict Shunji has which makes him a hateful yet interesting character.

Just expect to hear a lot of angry yelling of: GAKSITALLLL!

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