Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Operation Proposal

         This was actually a really interesting drama and I really liked Yoo Seung Ho in it because he did a great job in acting. This has a very interesting concept that has to do with being sent back to your past to change your mistakes and so forth. However, even though I enjoyed this drama, this was slightly repetitive of the guy going back to his past and changing his mistakes to win his first love. This drama was extremely cute and those friendship turns to love thing, makes me kind of jealous because I thought those friendships are really cute (for example, in Reply 1997).

         If you could go back in time to relive the past, what would you do differently? That's the question that you constantly think about when watching this drama.


       The beginning of this episode was actually really sweet. Yoo Seungho wakes up tiredly and hitting his alarm clock. Then he is fully awake when he remembers today was his best friend's wedding day. She happened to be his first love too and he wanted to confess to her but never found the right time. He had been friends with her since elementary school and liked her for a whole 20 years but never found the right time to confess. Now it was too late since Yi Seul, his friend, was getting married to another man. So much for finding the "perfect time." He is the man in honor and is full of regret as he watches Yi Seul marry Kwon Jin Won. It was extremely touching when he was giving his congratulations and he talked of their memories. 
       He reads a letter that was never given to him that was written by Yi Seul as they were graduating middle school. She writes that he was a special person to her and that she liked him. As he was feeling regret for not ever confessing or doing other things differently, he meets a man who is known as a Conductor. He is able to control time. As the Conductor tried to persuade him to time travelling back, Baek Ho decided to take some time to think about it. The conductor gives him a little vial.
       Baek Ho thinks about this and he looks through the pictures he took with Yi Seul in high school, he realized that in most of the pictures, Yi Seul didn't look too happy because he was always the one making her sad, upset, and so forth. He wondered what would've been different if he had confessed his feelings to her. Wanting to change that, he decides that he wanted to go back in time. He downs whatever is in the vial and says, "Renovatio, Renovatio" and Baek Ho gets sent back to high school for a another chance at taking control of his won destiny and to make things right again. Let's see if he'll be able to get the happy ending he wants.
          Though this drama was interesting and I enjoyed it.Throughout the entire drama, he basically just tried to fix every mistake and change it so that he can win the girl in the end. And it always seemed to have this effect on the future after he makes a change in his past and throughout most of the drama it has the Renovatio thing going on. However, I still enjoyed watching it.  So I would recommend you guys to watch it if you want, it actually is kind of cool. Truly a pretty amazing drama. Though it was frustrating at some parts, I loved it nonetheless. 

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