Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Little Bride (Movie)

This is a Korean movie that was quite interesting, humorous, and cute. However, I do feel that it is unrealistic that the girl had to marry at such a young age. However, this was a good movie and it is recommended for all to check it out. 

       Boeun is a fifteen year old girl who is worried about her grades and going to college. She has a cute side and a fun side. She has a crush on Jungwoo, the ace on her school's baseball team, and is overjoyed when she finds out that he might have feelings for her too. Sangmin is a family friend. Sangmin's grandfather and Boeun's grandfather were comrades during the Korean War. Boeun's grandfather orders her to marry Sangmin because of a pact he made with Sangmin's grandfather. 
        Both of them were unwilling. Sangmin was a flirt and Boeun already had someone that she liked. They are forced to marry under her grandfather's influence and they get married. Boeun ditches Sangmin on their honeymoon by not getting on the plane. She starts to date Jungwoo while keeping her marriage life undercover. She felt it wasn't fair as she was forced to. Her friend felt that it was wrong but kept quiet about it. I had a feeling that she had a crush on Jungwoo also throughout the movie.Meanwhile, Boeun still continues on her relationship with Sangmin, they have a lot of arguments and play fights but their relationship begins to grow as Sangmin has feelings for her. Everything goes by smoothly until Sangmin decides to go to Boeun's school as a student teacher.
      At the school, there was a dramatic teacher called Miss Km and she begins to flirt with Sangmin. However, when she finds out that Sangmin and Boeun are married, she punishes Boeun by making her paint a huge wall. Sangmin watches her as she paints and even helps her without letting her know. Then, the family finds out about Boeun and Jungwoo dating. She realizes her mistake of cheating on Sangmin and apologizes  to him. Boeun began to realize that she actually really liked Sangmin. She also found out that Sangmin had been helping her from the friend that thought what she was doing was wrong. She breaks up with Jungwoo. to focus on her relationship with Sangmin. At the school festival, Sangmin is asked to make a speech and it reveals their marriage. Sangmin tells everyone that she was forced to marry him and hopes that everyone won't discriminate her because of their marriage. Boeun goes on stage and confesses her feelings for him. And it was a happy ending as they both realize their feelings for one another.

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