Friday, July 5, 2013

Sunny Happiness

Episodes: 16 
I really enjoyed this drama. It was interesting. The main characters were strong and caring at the same time. It was really nice to see how their relationship developed. Though it was kind of expected who would end up with who, it was still fascinating to watch. I was very satisfied with this drama and I was glad I watched it. 

      Fang Yong Yong is a very caring girl.When she was little, because her father had to go work for money, he left her at an orphanage. When she was a lot older, he brought her home and introduced her to his new wife. The new wife had two daughters also. Because Fang Yong Yong lived in a cheerful environment at the orphanage, she felt as long as we lived under the same roof, we would be considered family. The father left the family again to work and left Yong Yong with her stepmother and two step-sisters. They treat her like a maid most of the time and make her do most of the work. However, the stepsisters and the step-mom still cared for Yong Yong in their own ways. Yong Yong worked at a hotel as a maid, cleaning Xiang Yun Jie's office. 
         Xiang Yun Jie is in charge of the hotels that his family owns. He's very cold and fires people if he thinks that they can't work properly. He's a rich man who was once divorced. When Yong Yong found out that Xiang Yun Jie was planning on using the land where the orphanage was to build a new building, she instantly went to go find him. Since the orphanage was her home, she asked him to not take away the home for the children already without a family. He refused. Yong Yong begins to find other alternatives as she begins to babysit a little eight-year old boy. Apparently, the father of this eight-year old boy is Xiang Yun Jie. Only Xiang Yun Jie doesn't know about the child. The reason he divorced was because his wife decided that she didn't want the child but she ended up having the child after their divorce. 
         Xiang Yun Jie wanting to take the child ended up making ad deal with Yong Yong. He won't take away the orphanage or use the land there if she agrees to marry him. Unwillingly, Yong Yong sacrifices herself for the orphanage and marries Xiang Yun Jie. They actually married but it was also a fake marriage. Slowly, real feelings started to develop as they continued on their fake marriage. Xiang Yun  Jie had to deal with the problems his ex-wife was giving him as she wanted him back. His son constantly spoke of wanting his mother and his father to be together. And to their shock, Yong Yong got pregnant which made it more complicated. Xiang Yun Jie's brother, Xiang Yun  Chao was also constantly competing with his brother. However, he came to fall in love with Yong Yong and care for her. However, he has a girlfriend that he didn't really love. 
           However, the love story manages to complete itself. Almost everyone managed to find their own path and love. It was truly a sweet drama and even with all that stuff going on, the series was still very calm and set at a good pace. It was very interesting and I enjoyed watching this drama. It was sweet, interesting, and it was a kind of drama that you finish really quickly. It was very good. 

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