Thursday, July 25, 2013

Asuko March

This was a Japanese drama with only 9 episodes. However, it was cute. I felt that in a way it felt unbelievable and it was similar to Gokusen in the way she brings the best out of the guys. It was still cute though and because it was unbelievable, it was interesting. 

      The girl is called Yoshino Nao. When she took her entrance exam, she accidentally missed one answer and her answers all shifted. Because of this, she failed the entrance exam to the  high school she wanted to get in and had to enroll into a technical school called Kenritsu Asuka Kougyou KoukouIt is nicknamed "Asuko." The school is different from others as they mostly focus on making things and so forth. It is said that the graduation rate was very, very low as 90% of the students immediately start working. Some would go to  companies and their family's factories. 
      To make matters worse for Yoshino Nao, she finds out of all the students enrolled there were only 3 girls accepted. She was the only girl in her class. Afterwards, one of the girls dropped out of the school and so it was only Yoshino Nao and Momo-chan (who hates her and wants her to leave). Momo-chan is in another class. At first, the whole class thinks that Yoshino Nao is looking down on them and she really wanted to leave. She wasn't used to it all.
         They got into a lot of fights and they all seemed fascinated with the only girl in the class. When the teacher asked them to change into "work clothes" for the certain class, they all started stripping right there in front of her, not really caring. The school really wasn't designed for girls. You have to do all that hard work and also while they all got to change in the classroom, she had to go all the way to the fourth floor and walk a lot till she reaches the locker room. She didn't participate when they were making things and she didn't want to be there. Not to mention, someone has heard her say that she didn't want to be there to her friend. She was also starting to drift away from her friend who attends a better high school because her friend made new friends that made her feel uncomfortable of what they thought of her behind her back. 
        Tamaki, a boy in the class, was annoyed that she looked down on them. And one day, she met his younger siblings who were talking about eating an imaginary burger. So she takes them to eat hamburgers which makes Tamaki angry asking if she's doing this to show him that he can't provide his siblings. She accidentally threw out one of his tools and bought him a new one, but he was annoyed that he thought of his tool as trash to throw it out. So in the end, she went through the trash to find it for him and she also defended his family when one of her friend's friend was insulting them. Because of this, Tamaki was touched and finally accepted her as a friend and slowly began to have a crush on her. Then slowly, the rest of the class did also. She became part of the class and she helped them overcome a lot of their own problems. She let them know that they were needed, protected them when they got beat up, helped them, and she brought the class together as one. They got along really well but she still was set on transferring schools. They knew that it was what she wanted and so they supported her and let her have a lot of happy memories. She began to get used to the work and began helping and they even built an eco-car together. However, afterwards, she realized that she made true friends in Asuko and decided to stay in that school because they taught her things that others wouldn't have.
        While in the school, she had a crush on Aruto. Tamaki had a crush on her. I personally really liked Tamaki because his personality was amazing and he always helped her even though he knew she liked someone else. I wish the ending was a bit better and more developed. But other than that, I thought it was kind of cute. I mean come on, a class with a bunch of guys and you're the only girl? And also Momo-chan was really mean in the beginning because she dislikes girls (she got bullied before) but after Yoshino defended her, they were on good terms. I liked this drama because it is so unbelievable but interesting. 
       This was just a very good drama and I would totally recommend it because its just so cute and funny it's own way. Not to mention, the boys all had different personalities that kind of suited each other. There were funny ones, bad ones, the fighter types, smart ones, and so forth. It was just a very interesting drama and I personally enjoyed it because of its simplicity and the fact that it is so unbelievable that she's like one girl in an entire class of guys who are always willing to help her. 

I think this was one of those times where I'm disappointed with who the main lead ends up with. I'm sorry this has so many spoilers, but I really liked Tamaki more than Aruto. 


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