Monday, July 22, 2013

Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

Episodes: 16
There are already so many versions of Itazura Na Kiss. There is a Taiwanese version that has two seasons based on the love story (It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again). And of course there is the Korean version, Playful Kiss. The version is the modern Japanese version based on the manga. I liked this a lot and I really enjoyed the actor who played the male lead, he had such a cold face but he actually opened up once in a while and he conveyed a lot through his eyes. So it made it seem like he's struggling emotionally while having this ice block face. Other than that, it had the same story line since its based on the same manga. However, like It Started With a Kiss, they followed the manga more. 

       Kotoko Aihara is a bubbly and kind girl. However, she isn't very smart academically. At the high school entrance ceremony, she notices the handsome Naoki Irie. She falls in love with him immediately and begins this one-sided love. She didn't express her feelings to him for many years.Finally she got the courage to confess her feelings and he rejected her with a cold face and said, "I don't like dumb women." She was crushed but thankfully her friends and Kin-chan (her admirer) were there for her. Her father was a single parent who has a Japanese restaurant. Her mother had passed away and he had promised her mother that he would buy a house for her. So he builds his own house. 
       Kotoko Aihara even invites her friends over who marvel at how beautiful the house was.  However, while they were staring at it, Kotoko noticed a noise. It turned out a shooting star was zooming over their heads and it hit their house. It caused the house to go down in ruins. They were offered to stay at his father's friend's home. They agree for the time being and they move over. However, to her surprise, it was the home of Naoki Irie. The guy she had confessed to and got rejected by. Isn't that lovely? 
       The two butt heads a lot but  Kotoko still liked him. He began tutoring her for the exam. They got closer with one another and Naoki Irie began to develop feelings for her that he didn't understand himself. Kin continued to chase after Kotoko. They go to college and Kotoko makes all her decisions revolving around Irie-kun. He notices but keeps quiet and he does start getting to know her and like her. The two share a lot of memories and both felt jealous at one point.
         He felt jealous when he always saw Kin with her. She definitely got worried a few times when gorgeous and smart girls at the school began to like him. However, it was very clear that his feelings were only for her as he was only friends with the other girls.
        They face more problems and almost got married to people that they didn't love. However, they come to realize their true feelings and who they belong with. And once Naoki Irie noticed this, he reciprocated her love and it was really sweet (especially the ending). But to be honest, in all versions, I don't know how the girl leads deal with a "cold" guy not really expressing his feelings, humiliating her and teasing her sometimes, and also often giving her the cold shoulder. But I guess it just showed that even though he did all those things, he was just in the process of discovering his feelings. 
Personally, I felt that I still enjoyed the Taiwanese version the best. But this was also very enjoyable and I really liked it. 

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