Monday, July 29, 2013

A Gentleman's Dignity

      Out of the blue, I decided to try out A Gentleman's Dignity. I haven't watched this drama because I thought I wouldn't like it. Out of curiosity, I decided to check it out and I truly fell in love with it. It was hilarious, realistic in its own ways, and I loved the cast. The acting was brilliant, it was a great cast, there was a lot of humor, and the personalities of the characters were all distinct and unique. All the actors and actresses had great chemistry when working with others and they seemed to have a lot of fun filming. This was a drama that was a fun watch and it kept me hooked. It didn't have a lot of useless drama and that was why it was so brilliant and funny at the same time. 

The intros to each episode of this drama were brilliant. They had nothing to do with what was currently going on. It basically were just very short intros that were humorous and showed some of their experiences together. They were usually funny and enjoyable to watch. It showed them during their high school years and when they were leaving to the army and when they break up with a girl. It was interesting and that was what made me constantly want to watch more. For example, in one intro, while they were sitting in Rok's cafe, they saw SNSD's Sooyoung. While three men were debating how to approach her, they were shocked to see Yoon had already went there asking for her signature and dancing. 

    So this story mainly focuses on the lives of four men in their forties. When I watched this, I noticed many comments calling these four the F40 which I thought was hilarious. These four guys are best friends and this story focuses on their careers and love lives. They went through a lot together and were absolutely hilarious when you put these four together. 
      Kim Do Jin, he's an architect who has his ways with women. He meets a girl named Seo Yi Soo who happened to know his friend Im Tae San and he fell in love with her. However, he soon finds out that she was having a one-sided love for Im Tae San who was dating her best friend/roommate. So he decides to win her over as he begins his one-sided love. He was very devoted towards her. And slowly, she came to realize that she liked him too. This couple was a very unique couple. They were funny and the girl had a lot of freak out and "what do I do?" moments and it was really fun to see. Also, it was interesting because she was an ethics teacher, so she was serious when in teacher-mode but absolutely girly in love-mode. These two had their complications in which she hurt him and so forth but they managed to still come through. They were very fun to watch and it was amazing how they bothered one another and how much he loved his car (who he named Betty.) Seo Yi Soo, was also once the teacher of Tae San's little sister. So she had a close relationship with Tae san's sister. 
       Im Tae San was Seo Yi Soo's crush for the start of the drama. She bought him gloves and was excited to get calls from him. She was going to confess to him. However, he called her asking about her friend Hong Se Ra. Hong Se Ra is a professional golfer and they start dating. Im Tae San works with Kim Do Jin. Hong Se Ra likes to wear revealing clothes and the two had moments where they didn't get along. However, they impressed me by how they still stuck with one another and how they ended up in the end. They find out about Seo Yi Soo's crush on Tae San and she was worried, of course. However, afterwards, everything was settled as Seo Yi Soo started falling for Kim Do Jin. This couple faced another situation where Hong Sera says she doesn't want to get married. These two, thou
gh they had their issues, they were still very sweet and they understood one another. So it was cute and I was happy with where their relationship was headed towards in the end.
        Choi Yoon is a lawyer. He's very smart but he's still similar to his friends in their interest towards women. He is still recovering from his wife's death four years ago and still wears the wedding ring. Im Tae San's little sister, in her twenties, has a serious crush on him. She's young compared to his age but she adored him and was infatuated with him. He didn't want to admit his feelings towards her in the beginning. For one thing she was a lot younger than him and also she was the sister of his best friend. He didn't want to jeopardize his friendship for a young girl who might just be infatuated for the moment. Maeri, however, did not give up and still loved him. When he finally admitted his feelings for her and they started dating, they face more problems. Im Tae San pushes them out of his life due to the fact that his best friend was dating his sister. However, he knew that this was not a battle he could win and eventually accepted the two as a couple. He was also suffering emotionally after "pushing them out of his life," thankfully,  Se Ra was there to comfort him.
          Lee Jung Rok is a huge flirt. He flirts with every woman he sees and when he approaches them, his wedding ring is the first to go. Lee Jung Rok is married to a very rich and powerful woman named Park Min Sook. She knows all his tactics and how he flirts. She catches him almost every time and constantly checks on him, knowing he's either drinking or flirting. Lee Jung Rok was a hilarious character and it was funny to see how he interacted with his wife. His wife was also one of the most awesome characters in this drama as she had a lot of power, authority, and wealth. She seemed cold but inside she was really kind and warm. She helped the other characters a lot using her money and status. She constantly files for divorce, finding Yoon, but she never goes through with it. I thought it was the funniest thing when she went to go find Yoon on Christmas Eve saying that she was busy on Christmas Day and that she wanted a divorce. Though she managed to stick with him all these years, despite his constant flirting, it caused some trust issues in their marriage. When Lee Jung Rok finally settled down and knew he loved his wife the most and started reciprocating the feeling she felt for him, she started backing away because she wasn't used to this side of her husband. However, these two managed to work things out in the end and she was awesome. 
         There were other characters throughout this drama. One is  Colin, a boy who comes to Korea looking for these four men claiming that one of them is his biological father. Which one is it? I'll let you guys watch it and find out. He at first had a crush on Maeri but she obviously only had Yoon in her mind. Colin's character was actually really sweet as he didn't demand his father to marry his mom or anything.  He understood how things worked since he was old enough and he was extremely friendly to his father's lover. Another character was Kim Do Hyub who had a crush on Seo Yi  Soo (his homeroom teacher) and he constantly came to her defense when this boy threw tantrums about how ethics class is useless. Kim Do Hyub was a "bad" boy but he was actually a pretty good fellow. Colin, Kim Do Hyub, Do Hyub's follower, and the nerdy boy who threw the tantrums ended up becoming friends and they were so similar to the four men when they were friends in school. 

This drama was realistic, funny, sweet, and amazing. I would definitely recommend you guys to watch this. 

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