Monday, July 1, 2013

SOP Queen

Episodes: 33
This drama was interesting but I did get bored of the story line once in a while. I love the actress and I felt that the male leads were also very appealing in their own ways. There were a lot of love triangles but it really mainly focused on how the main leads relationship began developing from friendship. It also didn't just focus on love but on family and work also. So it was a nice combination. 

          Lin Xiao Jie is a very smart and hard-working employee. When her boss, Gao  Zi Qi, made a confession to her, she felt as though she became a princess living in a fairy tale love story. Little did she know  that Gao Zi Qi was actually dating the gorgeous model Bai Ji Qing. Bai Ji Qing was always under the watchful eye of the paparazzi and she decided to break up with Gao Zi Qi. However, when she saw Gao Zi Qi dating Lin Xiao Jie, she wanted to win him back. It works because he still loves her. So in the end, Gao  Zi Qi is between both women. He is unable to tell Lin Xiao Jie because he knows that he's the one at fault. He proposes to Bai Jing Qing but she refused. So when paparazzi came barging in on their date, Gao Zi Qi used Lin Xiao Jie as a shield. He proposed to Lin Xiao Jie. Still naive and thinking that he was the only one for her, she immediately agrees. However, when she finds out the truth, she immediately begins to back away from the relationship and broke off the marriage. 
         She is heartbroken and so she confides in her friend Tang Jun and her internet friend "Tom." She met Tang Jun at the beginning of the drama, when she was on a business trip in London. He has a crush on her but she only viewed him as a friend who she could trust. The entire time, she was also keeping contact with her internet friend "Tom." She knows Tom because she almost rented the apartment in London. She totally didn't have a clue that Tom was actually Tang Jun. She also didn't know that Tang Jun was supposed to inherit a company along with his sister. When she found out that Tang Jun was actually going to inherit the company and had a lot of money, she felt a bit betrayed that no one told her truth. So upon breaking up with Gao Zi Qi, she goes to London, asking Tom if she could rent that apartment again. 
         There, she meets Tang Jun's friend, who constantly is trying to bring them together through a series of taunts and teasing. Tang Jun and Lin Xiao Jie start having feelings for one another but both of them stayed fairly quiet about it. Then Tang Jun misunderstood a situation in which Gao Zi Qi came to find Lin Xiao Jie. He begins to become cold towards her and heads to help in the company when his mother goes into a coma. Tang Jun's sister hires her to work at the company in  Shanghai. Tang Jun still is cold towards her as he pretends to be happy around Chu Chu (the daughter of a wealthy businessman who had her heart set on Tang  Jun at a young age).  
          However, as Tang Jun and Lin  Xiao Jie cleared all their misunderstandings, they begin to accept one another. They figure out their feelings for one another and began to date one another. They had great chemistry with one another. They both supported one another also. However, more trouble occurs, Chu Chu is heartbroken and attempts suicide. With this, her father immediately begins to target the Tang family's business. Gao Zi Qi is also making a move on Lin Xiao Jie as he truly loved her now. As they go through all this, they still manage to support one another and love one another. It was truly enjoyable to watch their relationship progress overtime despite all the troubles they faced. 

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