Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Give My First Love to You (Movie)

This was a Japanese film that truly was amazing. To put things out there this movie was a bit of everything and it flowed so perfectly. It had love, cute scenes, funny scenes, sad moments, and everything that made a couple interesting to watch. However this was not a typical love story that is just all mushy. This is a tearjerker and I would recommend it for everyone to watch because its an amazing movie. 

        The start of this movie starts with two children named Mayu and Takuma. Mayu is the daughter of a cardiologist. Takuma has a heart disease and coincidentally is being treated by Mayu's father. At the hospital, the two begin to become friends and they bonded. They had a cute friendship between one another and both had small crushes on one another. One day, as they stood on the roof of the hospital watching the fireworks, Takuma decides to go call his parents. He goes to find his parents to see them talking to the doctor. He opens the door to call for them but is shocked to hear the doctor say that he will not live past the age of twenty due to his condition. His parents are distressed and Takuma is shocked to know his fate as such a young age. When he turned around, he was surprised to see Mayu standing there. She must have went to go check on him and heard the news also. She was staring at him with wide eyes and a startled expression upon hearing the news. 
          She was upset with her father for a short while as he was the one who had delivered the news. However, Mayu continued to be friends with Takuma and Takuma eventually became her first love. While they were playing in the fields, in search of a four leaf clover to make a wish, Takuma says that he wants to marry Mayu when he grows up. When they did find a four leaf clover,  Mayu grabbed the clover and screamed and begged for the clover to let Takuma live and to let them get married. They made a promise with one another to marry when they reach the age of twenty. 
        After a few years later, the two have grown up and are attending junior high school. They are now dating. Takuma is not allowed to play sports and he most certainly is not allowed to run. His grades are very good though and he's very smart. Mayu, meanwhile, didn't have good grades and she didn't do that well in school.  However, she was athletic. The two still share a cute relationship with one another and it was truly enjoyable to see how they interacted. Like in one scene, a couple of teenage boys poured water on Mayu's white shirt to see her bra. Takuma was upset and got into a fight with them. Later, in the nurse's office, he was a bit sulky that the teenage boys saw her bra before he did and that he was her boyfriend. So she teased him and said that she'll show him. Just as she grabbed the ends of her shirt, he said that his heart hurt and it wasn't anything like a heart attack. She immediately puts on his coat over t-shirt and said, "I'm never showing you my body. The excitement might kill you," which resulted in a small chase around the nurse's office, a hug, and a kiss. 
          Takuma loves her and they are both crazy about one another. However, knowing his days are numbered and not wanting Mayu to be hurt, he wants to push her away. He thought that one way to naturally distance her was to go to a high school that she would have trouble getting into. He didn't want her to cry and be hurt because of him. He made a promise to himself to leave after the last day of junior high. He gets accepted into one of the top high schools which also makes the students stay in boarding houses. However, to his shock, Mayu was there on the first day of school. She was the representative for the freshman as she had the highest scores. It was shocking considering how bad her grades were before. She made herself look like a love-crazed girl as she said things like, "Takuma, I  hired ten tutors! Don't you try to dump me!" 
          Afterwards, the two share a series of teasing one another in front of the other students outside. They were clearly still very loving and happy. After a while, Takuma was worried about Mayu getting hurt. They break up and then get back together again. A kid named Kou who had repeatedly flirted with Mayu and had just become friends with Takuma was worried that Mayu would get hurt also. He gave off the image of a player. However, he got hit by a train accidentally and became brain dead and the doctors all said that he would not wake up again. The family decide that they would allow Kou to donate his heart since they found an organ donation card in his pocket. Takuma was happy about it until he found out it was from his friend. He refused it despite causing his parents and Mayu pain. Then they were left without a choice when Kou's family took back their consent. They said that Kou was crying and that his finger moved. The doctors had explained it was reflexes but the family took it as a strand of hope and refused to give the heart away. 
         Takuma was fine with it as he didn't want to accept it in the first place.  However, shortly afterwards, Takuma began to have problems with his heart and his life was on a line. Mayu went to go beg for Kou's heart though they still didn't consent and they understood her pain and cried with her.When Takuma passed away, Mayu was devastated. But she kept true to the promise they made as children, as she dressed up in a bridal dress with Takuma's ashes and went to the church. She spoke to him, hugging the jar of ashes tight to her body, and said that even if she knew how much pain was going to await her, she would still want to meet him and she would still fall in love with him.

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