Thursday, July 18, 2013

Don't Worry, I'm a Ghost (Movie)

This is a Korean movie that I watched. It was very enjoyable with such a bittersweet ending. I would recommend anyone to watch this because there was a great film and I am happy to have seen it. 

     The movie starts as a couple argue in the car and accidentally hit a person who was running across the road. That man is named Moon Ki, and after getting involved in a car accident, he wakes up in a hospital. He has a clear mind of what everything is and where he is, but he does not remember who he is. He can't remember his name, his family members, or where he lives. So he goes to the police and through fingerprint checks, he finds out who he is. While at the police station, he sees a woman sitting next to him. She fills him in on what his name is, where he lives, and his age. He is stunned and felt that he was going crazy and she kept on appearing. He goes home and goes to sleep. When he wakes up, he sees that same woman hovering in the air above his face. He is shocked and tries to run away from her...especially after she said that she was a ghost. He thought he was having delusions or dreaming. After a while, he finally calmed down to actually see what she wants from him.  
        He still did not recover his memories and he visited the doctor again. The doctor explained that had amnesia and will need to find his memory slowly. However, he now had another problem other than getting his memory back...the ghost. He's still not used to having her around and following him. After a while of leading this poor guy around, she takes him to her funeral. It shocks him and he sits with the ghost as they eat their food. People were whispering how she had died and rumors were that she died from being stabbed during a burglary. Moon Ki decides to ask her why she is following him and demands to know what he wants her to do. 
          He appears to look like a crazy person to others as he is talking to thin air. She tells him that its up to him to figure out how she died and to find his memory again...or she'll haunt him. She's pretty satisfied with how she's in control. She begins to show him his daily routine of life and what he did everyday as he got called by his boss to start delivering stuff. He was a delivery man and she worked at a flower shop that was opposite of the store that he would often go in. He came around once a week and she often sees him go into the convenience store to buy the same drink. He is baffled at how well she knows him.
        As the two argue on the bike, he almost got into another accident. As he parked his bike on the side, he began to have flashbacks. He wanders around with different flashbacks until he reaches an apartment building and he slips into the building as the two policemen are recording statements. The place is a crime scene and he paused in front of the door in which Yeon Hwa (the ghost) stands next to him. Yeon  Hwa tells him that this was her home and he opens the door. He has a strange flashback of him seeing her lying their dead and then he's running frantically away. He also notices a birthday cake when Yeon Hwa mentioned how it was her birthday that day. The reason why she's following him was because the last face she saw was his and she figured he was the only witness to her murder.
          He gets more flashbacks of a masked man and he says that there was someone else that day. He talks to the lady officer who works for the police of the scraps of memories he managed to recover. He figured that he was at her house because of a delivery for her birthday. These scraps of memories are not much help and she says that he should be careful in case he is followed by the killer. We notice that there was someone following them throughout this scene.
         However, he found out that he didn't have a delivery that day since he took off early. He was confused  and demands Yeon Hwa to tell him. She agrees but demands that she gets something in return. She ends up pushing him into the river. This was to spark some past memories to fill in the gaps. He remembers how he was saved by her when he jumped into the river. She scolded him for trying to jump into the Han River and said that he owed his life to her and that he must live to the fullest.
        A few years later, when she first opened the flower shop, she recognizes him right away. She had invited him to her house because she liked him. The two began to bond and he slowly begins to fall in love with Yeon Hwa. When he helps make a delivery from the flower shop for Yeonhwa's faithful customers (which were a couple of kind elderly people), he finds out that he probably had feelings for her when she was still alive. He goes online afterwards and tries to log into the webpage of the flower shop. He succeeds after typing in Yeonhwa's name and he sees the purchase records for the past year. He realized that he was the mysterious customer and that he had a crush on her for years. He decides to take Yeon Hwa out on a date doing random things which led to a hilarious moment in the movie theater.
        Afterwards, he began to get more flashbacks and he found Jin Soo (who was a close friend from the orphanage that they went to as children). Jin Soo appeared to be the attacker based on his memories and when they met, Jin Soo told him not to say anything and keep it a secret between them. He tells the police who he suspected and volunteers to capture the suspect. He manages to get Jin Soo as he demanded to know why he killed Yeon Hwa and that he would've been happy if it wasn't for him. Jin Soo, upset, pushes him back and shouts, "Why are you making me your scapegoat? You're the one who killed her."
        This was such a twist!
        They both get arrested and then they try to reenact the scene. He thinks about it and manages to remember that he was heading for her house for her birthday. His friend Jin Soo told him to come do a favor with him and that it would be quick. So he does and it turned out that Jin Soo was stealing from Yeonhwa's house. Moon Ki tries to stop Jin Soo and then the door opens as Yeon Hwa comes home. They hide. Jin Soo grabs Yeonhwa and threatens to stab her. In the struggle, Moon Ki went and grabbed the knife away in fear of harming the girl he liked. He fell down after getting pushed and then Yeon Hwa fell...right on the knife.
            He is behind bars when Yeon Hwa comes by to visit. She's crying and she says that he shouldn't have followed Jin Soo and should've went directly to her house. She tells him to live well and she walks away. He cries as he watches her fade.  He is later locked up in an asylum where the lady cop comes to check on him. The doctor explains that Moon Ki thinks that he still sees Yeon Hwa and the doctor says that it is probably because he loved that girl so much that he erased the memory of killing her and he believed that the "ghost" was only a delusional memory. However, whether it was a ghost or not, Moon Ki continued to live with the memory of Yeon Hwa. He asks in his mind how she is right now and if she is doing well. Then an image of her appears next to him as she says, "Don't worry, I'm a ghost." 

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