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     I really liked this drama and it made me cry and fall in love with the main leads. However, there were frustrating moments in the drama that drove me crazy. For one thing, the main leads didn't know who each other were (as in names) till a long time into the drama. Then there were these possessive ex-fiances that would not let go of their loves. And there were family problems and also a lot of characters that got in their way, once in a while. However, it was amazing and the chemistry was awesome also. It was a great drama to watch and bittersweet. 

BEAUTIFUL DRAMA, I would recommend it. 

I really liked how they had Park Eun Hye as the main lead. She's Korean and they incorporated that into her character. Her Chinese may not have been that good but her role was mainly using body language. Her character was also half Chinese and half Korean. Vic Zhou also did an unbelievably great job in expressing his feelings and acting in pain. When he started having feelings for her, I thought: This is crazy...they don't even know that they were each other's first loves and yet they get drawn to one another and make each other feel feelings they didn't feel before. And it was awesome. And when he was in pain, I wanted to get him medicine to control his pain.

This was very bittersweet and even though there were a lot of frustrating components, it still managed to make me continue watching it...for the couple. And I found it lovely that whenever she was sad, he was always there for her and he doesn't have to ask what happened, he just wraps her in a hug. 

    This story starts off when our main leads are children. The boy, Wei Yi, had a leg in a cast from breaking his leg while at the swimming competition. He was the son of a rich family and was often very lonely. Zhao Shen Shen, the girl, is half-Chinese and half-Korean. She lives with her single mother and the two are very happy as they get along with their neighbors (a single father and his son). One day, the boy took Shen Shen on a bus. Unfortunately, the bus got into an accident and due to the shock Shen Shen lost her voice. The father immediately said to his son, "If Shen Shen can't talk, you have to be responsible for the rest of her life."
     Meanwhile, Wei Yi, trying to escape being on the constant watch, ran off and found a private place near the hospital. Shen Shen also managed to find that place and the two begin to bond. Shen Shen cannot speak and so they use notes to write back and forth to one another, they shared their lunches and Wei Yi loved the BBQ meat over rice that Shen Shen's mother made, and the two also spent a splendid day together. They spent time together for one week but had a lot of memories worth cherishing. During the time that they knew each other, Shen Shen's mother constantly brought lunch for her and got into a car accident on the way to the hospital. 
       The two kids believed that there were martians (aliens) in outer space and that they lived in a place known as Lucky Star. They even had a hand gesture to symbolize that they are aliens. They believed that once someone passed away they would go into the lucky star and when you made that hand gesture, they would protect you. She was heartbroken that her mother died but he told her that her mother wouldn't want her to be like that. Through each other, they understood what it meant to accept and also how wonderful the feeling was to give. They both began to like one another and they wrote little notes and stuffed them into this little hole covered by a brick. They said that in the Christmas of 2006, they would meet again and read the notes they hid in their private place. After that one week, Wei Yi went back to his own home because his father was going to send him to England. In a hurry, he left his phone number with her and told her to call him. She did call him but she couldn't speak, so she always hung up. She knew his name...Qi Wei Yi...but he didn't know her's. It was because when he asked her name, she wrote down her Korean name instead of the Chinese one and he couldn't understand it. 
        Meanwhile, Shen Shen is being taken care of by the single father and son. The single father treats her like a real daughter and often scolded the son telling him to take care of Shen Shen. The son, Zuo Jun, had feelings for her and took care of her for 13 years. The father and son both learned sign language as Shen Shen never recovered her ability to speak since the accident. Now it is 2006. For the time being, the father works at a company and Shen Shen and Zuo Jun opened up a stand selling Italian food. It wasn't very popular because they weren't good at making Italian food. She later decided to sell Korean BBQ over rice (Mom's recipe) and that became very popular and allowed Wei Yi to find out who she was faster.
          Wei Yi is now the very ambitious and lonely businessman working in the family company. He is now a  CEO. He is a very cold person and was kind of like a lion as no one dared disturb or approach him. The only time that made him happy were the memories that took place over 13 years ago with Zhao Shen Shen. He thought that she just didn't like to talk and from their memories, he was often known as "Plastered Leg" due to his cast. He is now engaged to a girl named  Mi Xiao Guang and the only reason why he dated her was because she was sick and used notes to communicate (and that reminded him of Zhao Shen Shen.) Shen Shen, feeling thankful that Zuo Jun took care of her over the thirteen years, was wondering if she should repay him by being with him. 
          Wei Yi and Shen Shen meet each other again and again without knowing each other's identities. They make each other angry and they tease one another. For some strange reason, whenever Wei Yi was around Shen Shen, he felt happy. He began to have some feelings for her and they slowly develop a friendship. Zuo Jun finding out the identity of Wei Yi as the kid with the cast, immediately began to get defensive and making sure that she doesn't go near him. Wei Yi's fiance is also always around him and suspicious if he had another woman after hearing about Shen Shen. 
           Wei Yi was the first to find out that Shen Shen was the girl from the hospital. But he didn't say anything because he had cancer and three months to live. He didn't want to burden her in anyway and just wanted to be near her. He breaks up with his fiance also who still continues to hold on to him asking him why he can't let her have his last three months. Zuo Jun gets more jealous of Shen Shen's friendship with Zuo Jun and she was also beginning to have feelings for Wei Yi. As she was talking to Mi Xiao Guang (Wei Yi's ex-fiance), she found out that this was the kid in the cast. She still didn't know that he was sick but the two ended up dating for a while. At first even though they weren't dating, Zuo Jun and Mi Xiao Guang were unbelievably worried and came off as possessive. However, after a while, Mi Xiao Guang decided that she wanted him to have a happy three last months with the girl he loves.  Zuo Jun, wanting the happiness for Shen Shen, also backed up. They faced some problems with Wei Yi's family also.
             Wei Yi's family is about as messed up as one can possibly be. His father had been married to a woman and had a daughter. However, he abandoned them and that caused the death of that woman and the daughter's thirst for revenge. That daughter ended up continously meddling with everything. His father then married Wei Yi's mother. Wei Yi's mother loved him and was very sweet but he didn't and married her to repay her (like a thank you). The marriage was not a happy one and Wei Yi's mother was also suffering from depression due to this. Wei Yi's mother was the sweetest thing and I felt so bad that she had to deal with so much and an unloving husband. The father was unbelievably annoying as he constantly wanted Shen  Shen to leave and break up the relationship she built with Wei Yi. When the truth starts coming out, everyone allows them to spend time together. And Wei Yi spends his last moment in her arms, still talking about Lucky Star where all the deceased people go to, and dies. She doesn't cry when he died but I think maybe it is because he had told her that her mother wouldn't have wanted to see her cry, so she wanted to give him a happy last moment together. He promised that in the next life he won't leave her so early. At the end, she leaves to go to a place closest to Lucky Star and tells Zuo Jun that she is very happy and that she wants him to be also.

AMAZING DRAMA. I liked it. There was chemistry and everything. But I wish that there were less characters that I want to punch and that they would find out their identity earlier...especially when he only has three months to live. It makes you thankful that we don't have a time limit in love like they did. 

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