Sunday, March 31, 2013

Flower Boy Ramen Shop

Total: 16 episodes
This drama has Jung Il Woo and Lee Chung Ah. Though it had a lot of cheesy scenes of the guys making the girl go heads over heels, it was still a very interesting drama that I enjoyed watching. It had its sweet moments and its serious moments. Like most dramas, it had other girls...but unlike other dramas, they didn't really affect the relationship or the love triangle in anyway. It was truly just a love triangle with the main characters.

It was a good drama and you'll have to keep watching it for it to get interesting. :) 

     Jung Il Woo plays the role of Cha Chi Soo. Cha Chi Soo is an arrogant high school student who is also the heir of the biggest food company in Korea. He has the good looks, the money, and he's good at making girls fall head over heels for him. Lee Chung Ah plays Yang Eun Bi. Yang Eun Bi is a university student preparing for her civil service exam. She is very funny, strong, and also has constipation.
      She met Cha Chi Soo by coincidence and was attracted to him by his good looks. She ended up teaching at Chi Soo's high school as an intern and got annoyed with the way he acted and his arrogance and no longer had any feelings for him. Then when Yang Eun Bi's father dies, a guy comes into the story claiming that he is Yang Eun Bi's future husband and that the father had given the ramen shop to him (which is the truth). The father, personally, wanted his daughter to be with this guy. This guy is called Gang Hyuk and he is very sweet and caring towards  Yang Eun Bi. After hitting Cha Chi Soo twice, she was fired as a student teacher, and began to work along with Gang Hyuk at the ramen store with two other kids. The five of them become very close with one another as they work together and also live together. All of them can be considered friends but there is something going on between Cha Chi Soo-Yang Eun Bi-Gang Hyuk. 
         This drama has a love triangle between Cha Chi Soo and Gang Hyuk and Yang Eun Bi. They also later find out that  Cha Chi Soo and Gang Hyuk were actually half brothers. Yang Eun  Bi has a lot of pressure as both like her and treat her well and so her feelings all over the place. There are other characters but they don't really intervene in the love triangle, they are sort of like minor characters with their own things. It is really interesting to watch and you will definitely not regret it because it has something in here for everyone. It has its funny moments, serious moments, and awkward moments. This drama will make you smile for sure.  

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