Thursday, March 28, 2013

Summer Fever

Episodes: 30
Summer Fever is one of those very typical love stories of all sorts of love connections and drama. Okay, thats what I first thought. True, it is a very peaceful love story in the beginning. But then they send in all these twists that really shock you. You don't expect those twists to occur. So I'm going to keep my synopsis a bit vague so that those who want to watch it or are watching it, aren't getting spoiled by the shocking ending. If you like love triangles or anything like that, this drama will be perfect for you. There are so many love lines and it gets interesting. It's a very realistic drama about young love.
This drama just gets better and better by each episode and then a very shocking ending. 

      This is a very realistic drama about young love. This is a drama that you can enjoy with all sorts of couples that you can root for since there are so many love connections in this drama. It seemed realistic and also the couple seemed really cute together. Lin Ming Kuan, the guy, was very sad when his first love Li Jing left their hometown for Kinmen without a word. He lost faith in love and his father left for ten years to Taiwan without any news sent back and not coming back home either. This made Ming Kuan's mom severely depressed and he is often helping out with his best friend's family as his friend Sha Chong's family has a hostel.
          However ten years later, over the summer, love has arrived back in his life. His first love returns to the island a decade later. However, it was not a peaceful love story where they fall in love again. Instead, there is another character named Chen Wen Qing also came to the island. Wen Qing is a pianist and is very beautiful and when she plays the piano, she has a lot of feeling. Li Jing and Chen Wen Qing know each other because of their piano competitions.
           Chen Wen Qing has a twin sister who is played by the same actress. The twin is called Chen Tian Qing. She isn't an important character until the end.Wen Qing is a normal girl who likes playing the piano and plays with a lot of feeling. She is adorable and loving. However, she has this disease that can be controlled by medicine and she doesn't tell anyone during her summer because she doesn't want to worry them. Her disease is sort of like an allergy (I think it was called lupus something...I don't recall the full name). Li Jing is very ambitious and thinks that Ming Kuan is still the same old kid who had a crush on her. She still wants to restore the relationship but Ming Kuan is starting to fall for Wen Qing (her nickname that they call her is Xiao Qing). 
         It became a love triangle when Ming Kuan starts to crush on Chen Wen Qing. They began to fall in love with one another and the story becomes more complicated. Ming Kuan's friend, Sha Chong, starts chasing after Li Jing. A girl named Ya Zi has been crushing on Sha Chong for a while. Another character, Xu Lei is also attracted to Wen Qing. This one hot summer can just change their lives forever.
         In this drama, accidents occurred, love relationships become complicated and some become clear, and it had such a twist towards the end that left me with a lot of emotions.There were a lot of great scenes: cute, sad, touching, and just beautiful. I liked the character development in a lot of the characters and felt that it had a reasonable story line  good characters, and rather realistic for a drama. I recommend this drama because I feel like its really interesting and it is truly one of those beautiful summer romances. And it has its drama and all sorts of love connections and issues. It's a simple drama but it is actually really good. A lot goes on in this drama and its just very realistic.

The opening and ending song are perfect because it seems to have a sort of light and sort of a summer feeling. It's nice.

I recommend this drama for you guys to watch...especially for the summer. Plus Gui Gui is acting as the main lead (in case you haven't heard, she's currently on We Got Married with Taecyeon in a virtual marriage).  


  1. this drama made me cry hella much, especially in the end omg :( one of my favorite dramas so far, i def recommend it :') ah george hu<3 !

  2. IS THIS korean drama? japanese? taiwanese? hehe pls do tell me pls :)