Friday, March 8, 2013

Fairy Couple

           Usually regarding this story, the dramas are usually historical combined with fantasy. I really liked this drama though because I thought the two main girls were really pretty, even though one turned to be really bad, she was pretty. This drama was also very colorful and interesting. They also used magic and it made you wish you had their powers. I felt that the main actresses were very beautiful. 

          This is similar to Seven of The Sky/Fairy from Wonderland (I made a post on this previously) as it is based on the ancient legend. It is about two star-crossed lovers who can't be together for one is a fairy and one is a mortal. Based on heaven's rules, the people of heaven should not interfere with mortals...especially fairies since they are the Jade Emperor's daughters. The seventh fairy, went to Earth, and during her trip with her faithful maid, she meets and falls in love with a mortal scholar named Dong Yong. Dong Yong is not very rich and is in fact quite poor. Dong Yong works for a rich family with a young master. The seventh fairy's maid ends up marrying the young master and the seventh fairy married Dong Yong. Now in the mortal world, the maid has a higher ranking than the seventh fairy (based on the people they married). However, the maid constantly fights with her husband (which was pretty amusing) and the seventh fairy had a happy and peaceful love life. She helped her husband get through hard tasks with the help of magic. 
           The Seventh fairy and Dong Yong are extremely in love and manage to stay together even when the Jade Emperor tried to separate them. The Seventh fairy helped Dong Yong with work and both were very happy together. However, more trouble occurred, as the Seventh Fairy's maid begins to like Dong Yong. The maid begins to try to sabotage their relationship bringing more problems upon the seventh fairy and herself. There were a lot of interesting moments and its kind of sad to know how that maid changed after getting married to a rich husband and became higher in status than the seventh fairy with their marriages. Their magic and abilities are all very fascinating to me. So I think it will be an interesting drama to watch, it has fantasy involved and the clothes they wore were really pretty. 

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