Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Beauties of the Emperor

I watched this drama on Dramafever. I actually found this drama quite interesting once I got into it. I felt that the hair in this historical drama looked a little funny at times and it made me think back to Chinese historical dramas with women with beautiful hair adornments like in the drama "Dream in the Red Chamber." You are free to check that drama out too, but I will not be doing a synopsis because that entire series is filled with all sorts of stories revolving almost every character but illustrated that time period really well. 
I should focus more on the story line, so the synopsis will include my opinions and so forth.

           The main character is a girl that I found rather interesting as she was more of the independent kind of woman instead of those obedient girls of the past. I felt that there are a lot of historical dramas that are definitely better than this one. It was a little slow in the beginning but it was still interesting to watch. The character of Le Er is very strong and doesn't understand why women have to be lower than men and confined behind walls and do ladylike things while being under the control of men. She makes her parents adopt a little girl that they had found when she was still a little kid, and growing up with that girl, they become close friends. That little girl is called Miao Ge and she had quite a past. She was found on a deserted battle field by Le Er for her father had taken her away from her mother for her own safety and yet was ambushed by arrows. Her father used a shield to protect Miao Ge and stood in front of Miao Ge, getting shot down to death. A young child experiencing and witnessing something like that, is sure to be traumatized.
            She gets adopted into Le Er's family.  Though Le Er treats Miao Ge as her own sister and the family takes care of her. She is still considered an outsider of the family in the eyes of others, especially in that time period. However, she still cares for Le Er. They end up falling in love with the same man. As Miao Ge finds things unfair, she realizes that she will always be the one brushed aside. In this story of love, passion, and conflict, you will be fascinated with this storyline. I also felt awful for Miao Ge because she knows that she is being brushed aside every time when Le Er wants something...even in love. Thus, she understands that the only way to get what she truly wants, she can't believe in anyone but herself. She begins to use her own tactics to get what she wants and so forth. To be honest, I felt bad for her in the beginning but then she just started to be annoying.
            Throughout the drama, the girls meet different people besides the first guy that they both fell in love with. They both meet different guys. It made me wonder, for the main lead Le Er, who she would end up with. However, I felt that some of the male characters in this drama had really great personalities and truly loved her. Great love story, drama, conflict, and a quite interesting story.
            There is not only one guy involved in this drama. There is another person whose fate is entwined with our main character's. This drama will ultimately suck you in once you start watching it! So give it a chance and maybe you'll like it!

This drama will suck you in, so I recommend it.

Ooh, the ending seemed to end abruptly and it became really interesting because Le Er became a lot stronger instead of her naive old self. I felt the ending could have been longer, but it was truly an enjoyable and interesting drama. 


  1. Do you know why the voices are dubbed? I can't seem to find an answer.... Maybe it's because it's mainland, but the actors are speaking in Mandarin, so I don't really get why the show didn't use their real voices. It makes watching kind of obnoxious....

    1. Well, sometimes the producers think that the real voice of the actor or actress doesn't sound good. So then they use a voice actress. Trust me, it is crazily annoying also and it makes it sound really fake. But I just try to ignore it and just work with the story line.

  2. Lol that's understandable. But still. It's realllllyyy annoying. Along with the fact that they dubbed everyone's voice it seems. I love MingEn though, so i'm trying to get past it. haha.

    1. LOL I agree
      But keep watching it because they have so many different relationships and it was pretty good. I wished the ending was a bit longer and covered a bit more though however I was pretty hooked on this when I first watched it.

  3. do mingen end up togerher?