Wednesday, March 27, 2013

That Winter, the Wind Blows

Wow, Song Hye Kyo is gorgeous. It's like she doesn't age and she looks amazing, and as usual, did a great job in acting. Especially in acting as a blind person. This drama also has Kim Bum and Eunji. And the male lead is played by Jo In Sung and I think he did a fantastic job also. This drama had an outstanding (and attractive) cast. This drama will suck you in and it has a fascinating story line that will keep you on your toes and make you wonder who to trust. To me, this drama is kind of like a mix between Autumn Tale and Nice Guy. 

      Okay, so I'll first introduce the characters so you can get an idea of how things worked out. Our main character Oh Soo (played by Jo In Sung) was abandoned by his mother when he was a baby. He grew up and managing to live a loveless life with his best friend Jin Sung (played by Kim Bum). After his first love died, he becomes a gambler and has no ambition and is sort of the "I have nothing to lose" kind of person. Hee Sun is played by Eunji and tags along with Jin Sung and Oh Soo because Oh Soo used to date her sister and then her sister died later on (Oh Soo's first love), so Hee Sun is sort of there to bother Oh Soo and help him because she has some feelings for him. Even Hee Sun herself wonders: "Am I a friend or foe?"
            Hee Sun and Jin Sung seem to have a cute relationship and at the start of the drama, Jin Sung kept saying things like, "Because you're mine" with this really amused look on his face. And they interacted a lot too, so it was nice to see that.There is also another guy among their group of friends also called Oh Soo who is friendly and says that he is the heir to a well-known company and apparently has a dad with a lot of money. And since this Oh Soo always exaggerates on things, no one believes Oh Soo.
      Song Hye Kyo plays a girl named Oh Young and she doesn't trust anyone. She was separated from her brother for 11 years. Her brother went with their mom and she was left behind with her father and in the care of Secretary Wang. She then became blind and from then on, trusted no one. She would be cold to everyone and distance herself and was always suspicious.
        Oh Young found out that Secretary Wang had been hiding letters that her brother sent her and went to go find her brother but met up with the Oh Soo that exaggerated a lot. But instead of meeting her brother, she meets the Oh  Soo played by Jo In Sung. Oh Soo then found out that people were here to arrest him because of something this woman did and as he ran away, the brother of the girl began running with Oh Soo asking what happened. While running, the brother got hit by a car. And the girl is faced with tragedy as their father dies leaving all the money and responsibility on her. As she cried for a taxi to go to her father's side, she did not realize that her brother was on the floor, dead...right next to her. 
      The lawyer comes to find the brother. Instead he finds Oh Soo and Oh Soo lies saying that he is Oh Soo for he was in desperate need of money. He refused to stay in jail because he was framed by the woman. However, that brings problems because now he has to pay debt or else he gets killed. Wanting to live, he starts to lie saying he's the Oh Soo that the family is looking for. With Hee Sun and Jin Sung, Oh Soo begins to make his new identity and prepares for obstacles for taking on the identity of their dead friend. He's faced with trouble too as he meets suspicious people and people who don't trust him. Oh Young trusts no one and doesn't trust Oh Soo either. I would be suspicious of the people around me too for they seemed to all be in it for the money. He works to become close to Oh Young and the two learn from one another and help one another.
      Then Oh Soo falls in love with Oh Young. Problems arise as people begin to realize Oh Soo's identity and Oh Young began to have a relapse of her brain tumor that she had when she was little. Then throughout this drama, you learn about who you can trust and who was actually helping along the way. I strongly suggest this drama because its beautiful and has a very interesting story line.

A few points that I didn't like:
-They didn't put emphasis on the brother who died. He just dies. And there was really no continuation of that. Also confusingly enough, it was Oh Young who went to go find her brother in the beginning. Yet when Oh Soo came, pretending to be her brother, she accused him of just coming back for money.
-Her problems with her brain and eyes wasn't really consistent which threw me off at times.
-The ending was confusing as hell. Did she die? Did he die?Are they alive? When Jin Sung and Hee Sun said that they were going to get flowers at the end...which Oh Soo were they talking about? The real brother or our main lead? 

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