Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Werewolf Boy movie

        This movie was absolutely amazing. It was a very innocent yet touching movie. It didn't have a lot of lovey-dovey skinship nor did it have any kiss scenes. But it was special and fascinating in its own way. It had the same impact as a movie would if it had all the kiss scenes. I felt that the love the boy had for the girl was unconditional, it was sort of like how a dog gives his/her owner unconditional love and it made it just feel fascinating, beautiful, and special.


This was a fantasy romance film considering the guy was kind of like a monster since he didn't age and could turn into a wolf boy. However, he was innocent, kind, loyal, and basically harmless towards people. He was just a very calm sort of person. So I shall begin my synopsis of this movie. 
          At the start, you see an elderly woman living in the United States, and she receives a phone call about the sale of her old home in the country side in South Korea. She goes back to South Korea and with her granddaughter Eun Joo, they drive to the countryside and stay for the night at the house. They reach the house and  Eun Joo says that the house looks scary and the grandmother begins the story back to the time when she was beautiful and young like Eun Joo. The grandmother's name is Soon Yi.  
          She recalls back to 1965 when she, herself, was still a teenager. Soon Yi had just moved with her mother and sister to a country house for her health (she has problems with her lungs). Her father had passed away and so a guy named Ji Tae had bought the house for them. Ji Tae is the arrogant son of the business partner of Soon Yi's late father. One night, she notices a shadow in the outhouse, and gets freaked out. Yet she went to go check it out and got startled by this figure that ran outside. She didn't know what it was. According to their neighbors, the previous owner of that house used to raise wolves in the outhouse before he had died. 
        The next day, while doing laundry, she notices a messy boy and appeared to be homeless and acted like a dog, growling, eating messily, and also couldn't talk. The boy was probably around nineteen years old and he was just different from others. His body temperature was 46 degrees Celsius, his blood type was unidentifiable, and he couldn't read or speak. He behaves like a dog or a beast. Soon Yi's mother was kind hearted and didn't want to go through all the problems with paperwork and so she allows the boy to stay with them and names him Chul Soo (the name her husband would've given to a son if they had one). They suspected that he might've been a child orphaned in the Korean War. 
         At first, Soon Yi is annoyed with Chul Soo. He was messy, strange, and a bit scary. However, she got closer to Chul Soo by training him according to a dog training book. She starts off with, "Wait," so that he could wait patiently before a meal and without being messy when eating. She begin to teach him how to wear clothes and other human behavior and tried teaching him to write and speak. She  began to have some feelings towards Chul Soo and Chul Soo responded with loyalty, unconditional love, and attention for she was the only person who actually helped and showed him affection. The two begin to have some feelings of love between one another. 
        Ji Tae likes Soon Yi and begins to cause trouble throughout the movie afterwards. Chul Soo let his instincts take over him and he even shifted into the beast within him. In fear that he may get caught and then killed, they went into the woods. There Soon Yi told him to go away or else he would be killed. She had to slap him, yell at him, and throw things at him even if it hurt her. In order to save the life of Chul  Soo, she made a promise to get him to hide from the other people, saying: "Wait for me. I'll come back for you." 
       After all these years, now that she was an old lady, she finally made her return to the countryside. Now, her granddaughter, Eun  Joo looks the way the grandmother did when the grandmother was a teenager and noticed someone outside staring at her. The grandmother afterwards saw Chul Soo again and he didn't age either. She understood that he had waited for her to be with her and he had learned to read and speak. They couldn't be together though and that was the heart-wrenching part. 
        However, this movie was beautiful, inspiring, and just perfect even without kiss scenes or a lot of skinship that you normally see in romance movies/dramas. This was just a very innocent movie and I recommend you all try to watch this.  

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