Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Flower Boy Next Door

  I really liked this drama lot and I thought that it was humorous and interesting and keeps you wanting more from the story. It was very cute.

              The start is about a young woman named Go Dok Mi who is shy/scared around other people and is cooped inside her house most of the time. She is locked in her little room but she constantly spies on the room across from her building. She exercises when he exercises, eats when he eats, and knows when he goes to work, and she also sometimes just looks over there with her binoculars to see how the man's dog is doing.
               It was extremely comedic when one day, while peeking, the man's brother Enrique who came to Korea caught her there. He goes to find her calling her a pervert and afterwards calling her  "ahjumma" and sitting facing toward her side of the building. Whenever she looks through the window, he would wave at her with a cheeky grin on his face only to cause her to freak out by covering the curtains, frustrated. She tries her best to avoid him and doesn't want to talk to him and even thinks: "I miss my room."  He does all the talking while calling her ahjumma and she doesn't tell him that she's only in her twenties and isn't an ahjumma. Even though, she is very strange, always locking herself in her room. Her next-door neighbor starts to like her saying that she is very pure and clear and he falls for her. Go Dok Mi has her own set of charms that can attract others.
             She is the way she is because she was bullied by a girl in her school when she was younger, and that girl came back afterwards in the drama being extremely nice to Go Dok Mi and even falling in love with the next-door neighbor that likes Go Dok Mi. The next door neighbor likes Go Dok Mi and expresses his affection in very simple ways. Enrique likes his friend, but his friend likes the hyung of Enrique while Dok Mi also likes the same guy. I believe Enrique is not related to his "hyung" as they do not share the same last name. I find it hilarous how different the personalities of the two characters are and how they interact and help each other. You also see how the love story starts between these people and who our Rapunzel-like main character ends up with. We will also see if she breaks out of her shell and get away from the trauma of being bullied by that annoying ex-best friend of her's.
            I had a lot of favorite scenes in this drama, mainly because Enrique's character was just so goddamn funny. I didn't understand why a lot of people disliked  Jin Rak just because he was finally going to be honest with his feelings towards the girl, he watched over for 3 years. I know he's wrong thinking that all competition should clear out of his way, but he is so nice and respects her. She truly has 2 really good choices. This drama is rather captivating in its own way. My favorite scene of all, is when Go Dok Mi finally confesses her feelings to Enrique in episode 11 and then have their relationship develop in ep 12.
        From then on, their relationship grows. They learn from one another and accept each other and want the best for each other too. It's truly a brilliant drama. Also Enrique is such a cute person. I first saw this actor in Baker King Kim Tak Goo. He became popular there but the supporting role also got really, really popular. In this drama, I feel that he is truly the star and it stayed quite away from bread...haha!

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