Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hot Young Blood


This movie was really enjoyable to me because it just made me imagine who I'd be in a scenario like that. Would I be one of the followers or the badass leader chick?  It was a little bit extreme at some parts and it felt a little too exaggerated at times. However, it was funny.
Basically Lee Jong Suk's character is a player. Park Bo Young's character is the leader of the girl gang. The leader in the boy gang liked her and allowed her to have this invincible position. However,  Park Bo Young continues to love her childhood friend (Lee Jong Suk) who has grown apart from her. As Lee Jong Suk begins to pursue the new girl from Seoul, Park Bo Young stays silent about it and watches with envy. She soon notices that the new girl may not be what everyone thinks she is. Upon that, she gets into a fight and leaves the school after being wrongly accused. Park Bo Young feels conflicted about her feelings for Lee Jong Suk while Lee Jong Suk is confused about his. She tells the gang leader guy that she doesn't like him and is willing to give her invincible position for Lee Jong Suk's safety, gets beat up after getting removed, and both find themselves and achieve goals before coming together once again.
It was very cute ending and I got a good laugh out of a lot of the parts. Some parts were not realistic but I don't think that was the movie's intention. It was more focused on adolescence and the comedic factor.

Enjoyed it....mainly because I just really love Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young and because there were just too many funny and exaggerated scenes.

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