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God's Gift-14 days

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When a mother loses a child, she harbors many regrets and broods about the many things she would have done differently if given another chance. Kim Soo Hyun (Lee Bo Young) always pushed her daughter, Saet Byeol (Kim Yoo Bin), to not only do well in school but also to always come in first place. But tragedy strikes when Saet Byeol is kidnapped and killed, leaving Soo Hyun and her husband, Han Ji Hoon (Kim Tae Woo), with no clues as to who could have done such a terrible thing and why. Detective Ki Dong Chan (Jo Seung Woo) struggles to find the killer, while Detective Hyeon Woo Jin (Jung Gyu Woon), who shares a past with Soo Hyun, tries to do what he can. But when Soo Hyun is given a chance to go back in time to change the course of events, can she find the killers and save her daughter’s life in time? “God’s Gift – 14 Days” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Dong Hoon.

  God's Gift-14 days was absolutely amazing and drama-filled in the beginning. The suspense was building, the acting was superb, and the personalities of the characters and their ways of grieving were amazingly palpable. I had high hopes for this drama and I saw great potential for this drama to be an all-time favorite of mine. It started off so wonderfully. My friends were raving about it, I was encouraging my friends to watch it, and friends were asking me if I saw it. This drama was really well-received by both genders because it was about a mother's love and struggle upon finding out that her daughter has been kidnapped and murdered. The mother gets a chance to go back two weeks in time and try to stop the tragedy from happening and save her daughter. But regardless of what she did, history was repeating itself in different forms and she knew that at this rate, her daughter's abduction and death was inevitable.
        I was sucked into it because the actors and actresses portrayed an appropriate reaction to the scenarios. I could actually see the reality in this fiction. However, as it went on...I grew extremely frustrated with what was happening. I noticed in the few dramas that I watched, action dramas bore me. If you give me long scenes where the characters are fighting these bands of bad guys with their cool fighting skills, I will be bored to a point where it is tiresome to watch. It started off okay because I was still wrapped up on the process that this was a mother's struggle to find her daughter's killer and prevent the kidnapping. However, the more she began to fighting hands-on with suspects, the more she irrationally exploded in front of cops about how she knew the future, and the more the guy helped her fight and do all these things because he experienced the time traveling, the more frustrated I got. It just felt like it was stupid of them to make certain plans or actions. No one felt the time shift. They don't know what is going to happen and so these main characters need to get it in their head that they have to go through clues and other ways to lead the cops to her daughter. While I was watching the main characters figure out how to do that (after realizing their initial plans were horrible), I was infuriated at how careless the daughter was. She's so little and I didn't understand why she thought it was okay to just run off randomly. It's horrifying. No one knows where the child is going, who is going to get the child, and why she is running off. They experienced a lot of close-to-death situations because the child would run off and cause everyone to go into a frenzy. I just got so frustrated with Saet Byul because her mother made it very clear that she wanted her to stay next to her and to not run off. But as always, she doesn't listen and then cries when she gets scolded. There were a lot of annoying characters such as Saet Byul's dad because I was just very suspicious about his demeanor and the way he talked and what he said. And I felt pity for the mother as she worked so hard to keep her daughter alive while her daughter was ungrateful and unknowing of what was to happen. At her age, I would have expected her to be a bit more obedient toward her mother instead of running around and making friends with adults like a rebellious teenager would. The child gave a sense of stupidity because she's acting like a teenager but with the knowledge capacity and innocence level of a three year old.
          As more fighting scenes started showing and the political sub-plot revealing a greater scheme, I began to tire with the drama.  It began to lose it's sense of reality. Why would the government use a random child to perform this? Why use this child? Why was this girl not listening to her mother? Why does everyone look suspicious? Is someone going to die? These questions began to pile and it made watching this drama excruciating. I kept watching it and I expected a great ending. Did I get that ending?

The answer is NO.

The ending was the worst way to end a drama. The child was saved and the male character's problems were resolved. He realized the situation and he could have lived with Saet Byul and have a happily ever after. He could have ended up with the female lead because everyone was rooting for them to be together. However, it ended horribly. It felt ridiculous that he felt the need to sacrifice himself when the child was alive, he was alive, and everything was resolved. I felt that the director was going for a more profound and philosophical ending when really it just left everyone in a state of disappointment and "Did I really waste so many hours on this drama for this?"
        My friends were disappointed with the ending. I was disappointed.
         I felt like this drama could have been so much more but it wasn't. There was too much action and hands-on fighting (LIKE WHERE ARE THE COPS?...OH RIGHT, THE COPS ARE PART OF THIS SCHEME TO MURDER THE CHILD) And the ending was stupid. The characters became increasingly stupid in their actions and decisions. Everyone was a suspect in the viewers' minds and it just became a very tiring drama to watch.

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