Monday, September 15, 2014

Boss and Me/杉杉来了

33 episodes
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Xue Shan Shan (Zhao Li Ying), begins to work in a major company. She may not be the smartest but she's hardworking, sweet, and caring. When she helps her boss's sister by donating blood (which is a rare blood type), her boss's sister begins sending her lunch every day. She would go outside to eat the lunch to avoid the jealousy of co-workers. However, the place she ate was actually right outside the boss's office which had stained glass. Her boss, Feng Teng (Zhang Han), a young heir to a corporate conglomerate, begins to develop a crush on her. The two build their relationship overtime in this 2014 drama.

Loved it!!!
     Xu Shan Shan is cute, bubbly, realistic. She felt human and that is why I liked her so much. The guy wasn't focused on his wealth...very down to earth. It is one of those few dramas where the rich guy didn't flaunt his wealth in a snobby way. His love for her didn't feel condescending. He liked her because of her personality and he mentioned, more than once, that he didn't care about wealth, status, or etc. He genuinely cared for her. Xu Shan Shan and Feng Teng's relationship was based on honestly, trust, care, love, respect, and equality. It felt realistic and neither were in it for materialistic things or for fun. The drama even ended on a tone with respect and a sense of feminism as Xu Shan Shan began to work toward her own business success/wealth while dating him. He supported her and encouraged her character development as she matured throughout the entire drama.  
         This drama didn't have a lot of the drama that typically revolves around rich families and girls that like the male lead. Instead, it felt like something that might actually happen. Everything felt real and not just for the sake of keeping the audience on their toes.  This was such a calming and peaceful watch. The devotion between the main characters denied me of ever feeling annoyed with minor characters. The minor characters weren't even that annoying because they felt so genuine. For example, his sister was extremely nice to Xu Shan Shan and treated her as a friend even when she had worries about the social difference.  At the same time, because she was also the friend of Yu Shu's, she was also telling Yu Shu to continue to pursue her "dreams." Yu Shu is the girl that liked Feng Teng. I didn't mind her presence that much and she wasn't that big of a threat and even became Shan Shan's friend. Throughout the drama, you also see a lot of character development and relationship development as she found her own love story. This drama was just so light-hearted, realistic, and comfortable to watch. This is definitely a drama to watch when you're in the mood for something lighthearted or after watching some turbulent drama.  

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