Friday, February 7, 2014

I Need Romance

I finally got to watching I Need Romance seasons 1 and 2! The third one is now airing and I've been watching that lately. By this point, I kind of get the idea of how this drama is going to go. I like it even though it is kind of predictable. Basically, the girl is going to end up with the first guy even if the second lead is so much more nicer and caring. That is just how this drama goes. Another big give away is the picture the drama uses at the beginning, they kind of show you who is going to end up with who. On the bright side, the soundtrack was actually a lot of fun to listen to and the characters have pretty good love stories.

This drama follows the lives of three women who are best friends. They are all in their thirties with successful careers and are not married. Sun Woo In Young is a concierge manager at a hotel. She isn't married but has a flirty boyfriend (who works as a director) named Kim Sung Soo. She believes in their relationship as they are in love but his actions make her doubt their love constantly. They dated for ten years and yet her boyfriend does not seem to have any plans for marriage and still gets into scandals with other women (including an actress in his latest movie.) After breaking up with her boyfriend, she gets tied up with Bae Sung Hyun who works at the same hotel as her. She later found out that he is actually the son of the hotel's president. To get back at her ex-boyfriend who slept with the actress Kang Hee, she breaks up with him and starts to date Sung Soo. Slowly, she begins to fall in love with him and her ex-boyfriend begins to try to win her back and also still being her friend.
        Park Seo Yeon runs an online clothing store. She's very free-spirited and sexually active. She believes that she should be able to get what she wants and she will get it at all costs. She also a bit of a flirt in a way. She's known for sleeping with many men. In this drama, it shows her transition from being able to walk from man to man freely to falling in love with just one.
         Kang Hyun Joo is a lawyer specializing in divorce and her life was basically controlled by her mother. She gets stood up at her own wedding by her fiance Kim Tae Woo. They dated for three years and his reason for leaving her was that he had no sexual appeal when he's with her. However, after he left, Park Seo Yeon did end up with a guy that liked her and took care of her.

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