Monday, February 17, 2014

Marry Him if you Dare

This drama was actually very cute and I enjoyed watching it. Naturally, I did notice some flaws and I also wished for stronger moments. However, I felt that this drama was actually really good. It still kind of scared me how similar the two male leads looked so much alike. When I first started it, I thought that Yonghwa was playing the younger version of the role. One big problem I had with this drama that kind of ruined this for me was that I felt the ending was to open. I didn't have any closure. I don't know who ended up with whom and I have to just assume that she ended up with the guy she was meant to end up with. It kind of left me dangling there and that frustrated me so much. I mean, it's the last episode...not some big turning point in the drama. There was no need for such an open ending/cliffhanger.

      Na Mi Rae is a 32 year old woman. She's very cheerful and optimistic about life even though she's not completely happy with her own. She works as a call center operator and constantly having to deal with irrational and rude callers. One day, she comes face to face with an older and more mature version of herself. It is herself. This older Mi Rae came from the future ignoring all the risks and trying to use her knowledge to change the course of her life starting with the decisions that she made at age 32. The older Mi Rae wants to stop the younger Mi Rae from falling in love and with and marrying Kim Shin due to unfortunate events that later happened in the future. Kim Shin is the lead anchor of a network television news station. Instead, older Mi Rae wants the younger Mi Rae to date and marry Park Se Joo. Park Se Joo is the network CEO's grandson who is working as a cameramen at the station and no one knows of his true identity. 
      Na Mi Rae thinks that it is all just fake and that the woman is crazy. However, Mi Rae allowed the older version of herself to stay at her home and listened to the warnings though she didn't always heed to them. Mi Rae that she is not happy with the life she has and quits her job. She ends up trying to work as a television writer which forced her to be more involved with Kim Shin and Park Se Joo to the older Mi Rae's dismay. Park Se Joo begins to fall for Mi Rae and everything was going according to plan. However, unfortunately for the older Mi Rae, the younger Mi Rae was falling in love with Kim Shin and Kim Shin was also falling in love with her. Not to mention, a female reporter is also beginning to fall for Park Se Joo. So Na Mi Rae might not even get to have a chance with Park Se Joo when she wants to switch over. Will Na Mi Rae be able to change her destiny and how are the people around her going to play a part? And who is she going to end up with?

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