Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby and I (Movie)

I watched the Korean movie with Jang Geun Suk called Baby and I. This was based on the manga Baby and Me. However, there are some differences. I did feel extremely bad for the main character because he was forced to take care of this baby that wasn't even his to begin with. It wasn't the best movie that I watched mainly because I still couldn't understand how something like this could happen. Other than that, it was comedic and light-hearted. 

       Han Joon Su is a high school student who is also a troublemaker. He always fights with his parents and does not obey them. He doesn't have a good relationship with his parents and his parents are sick of his behavior. One day, he found that his parents ran away from home because they couldn't stand him anymore. Despite the fact that his parents abandoned him to fend for himself, he continues to live on without shame or guilt. He feels more free and happy because of it all. That freedom only lasted so long. 
       One day he planned a party with his friends at his empty house and went shopping. After finding something and returning to his cart, he found a baby in the cart with a letter. Not knowing where the child came from, he was baffled. After reading the letter that said it would be better if the baby was raised by Joon Su, he is bewildered by it all and immediately tries to find the person who left the baby in his carriage. Unable to find out much, he is told to be the child's father for the time being till they find the real parent. The child's name, as written in the letter, is Han Woo Ram. Unwillingly, he began to act as the baby's father and he brings the child to school and his part-time job. This caused rumors to go around and also resulting in him getting suspended from school. Not only did the baby cause all these problems for him, he also had no money to take care of the child and himself. He ended up stealing powdered formula for the baby but the baby didn't like that. So he ended up begging women for milk. 
       During the time, he received help from an odd female student who fancied him. She knew her way with babies as she had a lot of younger siblings. Then just in time, his parents came back home and took over in taking care of the baby. They later find out that the baby's real father ju
st happened to be one of Joon Su's friends. That friend felt sorry and was going to take the baby to sign the child up for adoption. However, having already formed a connection with the baby, he refused to send Woo Ram away. In the end, he ends up working out a way to raise the child along with his friend.  

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