Monday, February 17, 2014

Le Jun Kai

This was definitely not my cup of tea. It was a bit violent for me and the characters all seemed to have this masochistic trait. I did not like it at all and the ending was confusing and disappointing also. They didn't time this drama out well since the story took place in 9 episodes. It was very dramatic. There was good acting, overall. However, the story did not interest me and the relationship between our two "lovers' was extremely violent. It wasn't fun for me to watch because I just felt bitter resentment toward the way the woman was just being thrown around. I also didn't like how she seemed to just accept it for how it was a lot of the times. 
       Throughout this drama I couldn't understand what was up with the random anger issues and how the main lead always had this urge to hit people. It just felt like one very twisted drama and I cannot bring myself to say that I like it. 

One thing that I liked about this drama: The songs 
The song used in the beginning and at the end were both great and I enjoyed both. 

     There's a man named Le Jun Kai. His life revolves around hatred and revenge. He begins to woo the enemy's daughter, Ye Zi, and got her to fall into his trap. She fell in love with him and believed that he was the warm, caring man she got to know. They got married and she realized that that was not the case. He mistreated her, ignored her, and even brought girls home. He did everything to make her life a living hell. Slowly, he begins to fall in love with Ye Zi. Unwilling to cave into his feelings, he tries to remain cold and neutral and deny what he is feeling. Afraid that he'll end up revealing what he really feels, he divorces her and sends her on her way.

       After a few years later, he found out that she had given birth his son and raised the child by herself in unpleasant surroundings. She was poor and they lived in a shabby house. The child understood the struggles and was a very obedient and caring child. Finding out about this child, he decides to get to know his son. He ended up taking him away from Ye Zi to raise him in more desirable and better conditions for the child. As this continued on, he feels his feelings for Ye Zi arise and he deals with everything around him. He begins to take care and protect the child and slowly begins to reveal his feelings for Ye Zi. But could it be too late? 

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