Monday, February 17, 2014

Reply 1994

 I had high expectations for this drama because I adored Reply 1997. Thankfully, this drama did not disappoint me and it actually made it harder for me to figure out what happens to each person and who they end up with. It was really well-written and frustrating to watch at the same time.
I did think that they were going to use the basketball fangirling concept that they had at the beginning throughout the entire drama. I was worried that it would be too similar to 1997. However, they didn't continue it entirely with that and I felt that it had a more mature air to it since they are talking about their college life and falling in love and dealing with problems. This was a really satisfying drama to watch. I think it fascinates me how one day I'll probably be doing the same thing as they are. I'll look back to our old days with my friends and think about all the stupid moments and life changing moments we experienced as we grew up. 

         This drama takes place in 1994 and focuses on six university students as they transition to adulthood. Six university students from various provincial areas live together at a boarding house in Seoul. The boarding house is run by a couple with a daughter named Sung Na Jeong. Just like Reply 1997, the story transitions from 2013 to 1994 and leaves us guessing just who her husband is. To make matters worse, there are a lot more possible options in this drama (before it dwindled down to two very good options). 
       Now in 2013, Sung Na Jeong is a mature woman living in modern-day Seoul with her husband and son. She thinks back to her wedding (that does not show any information of who the husband is) and as her friends come over to her house, they think back on the days when they lived together at the boarding house. 

       Her parents had moved from Gyeongsang Province to Seoul to start the Shin Chon Boarding House. She was 20 years old and crazy about the college basketball star Lee Sang Min. There were many boys living in the boarding house and her future husband is among them. All of them have nicknames that are used throughout the drama, leaving us guessing just who is going to be her future husband. Trash is a third-year medical student and was like her older brother. When she was younger, Trash, her brother, and her were best friends. When her brother died, Trash became her older brother and she had dreams to marry him when she grew up. He's called Trash because he's very dirty and unorganized. Sam Cheon Po is a computer engineering major. He is awkward and uptight and feels like he doesn't fit in. Haitai is another computer engineering major who likes to play a lot. He likes video games, girls, going to dance clubs, and so forth. Binggrae is a first-year medical student and he had the viewers questioning his sexuality as he showed a great amount of interest in Trash. Chil Bong is Binggrae's cousin and he is a pitcher on the Yonsei University Baseball Team. He later on become quite famous and had a successful baseball career. There was one girl at the boarding house who was rather broody and tended to curse a lot. She was called Jo Yoon Jin and was obsessed with the popular Seo Taiji and Boys.

          As they get to know one another and begin to become best friends, they begin to fall in love. Some people dated others outside the boarding house while some others did. Na Jeong soon found herself stuck in a love triangle where she liked Trash and Chilbong liked her.  Throughout the drama, it leaves us questioning her options and then who she picks. It's a story of growing up, maturing, falling in love, and looking back on friendships that lasted all these years. 

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