Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Never Give Up, Dodo

I actually helped sub this on Viki. This drama was hilarious and really enjoyable and it was a little bit naughty at some parts. It's a perfect romantic comedy if you really want a good laugh. There are only ten episodes and each episode lasts about thirty minutes. It follows an engaged couple and shows their ups and downs as they prepare for their marriage.  It was amusing and I recommend you all to watch it. 
Also, Godfrey Gao stars in this and he looked really good. And the main lead's character (the girl) was so funny and unique. I really enjoyed watching them work together. 

        Qian Dodo has had many failed relationships. In high school, a fellow student that was very odd and witch-like (kind of like a fortune teller), cursed her to never be able to get married and that she'll be alone till the day she dies. From then on, Qian Dodo believes that her bad luck with marriages was all because of that witch. Time and time again, she was left alone at the altar while her fiance went and eloped with some other woman. She would then try to return her own wedding dress but the shop would refuse to accept it saying that her boobs are too small and the dress won't fit on anyone else. However, she still believed that she would be able to get married and was quite optimistic.
           This story takes place with her current fiance, Xu Fei. She believes that he is her good luck charm. They love one another and have fun together. They are preparing for their marriage to one another happily. 
       This drama shows their life together and their ups and downs and all these obstacles that they face along the way. It also showed some of their naughty role playing and sweet moments. It showed them learning from their experiences and loving each other more. A couple of their obstacles involve ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, living the single life, meeting family, jealousy, and getting ready for the wedding. All the episodes were amusing, lighthearted, and touching. It had its small serious and realistic moments also showing how there are all these different sides to love and how they still cherish one another and so forth. This was a hilarious and great show and I hope that all of you make some time to check it out.  

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