Friday, February 7, 2014

Kimi ni todoke (From Me to You)- (MOVIE)

This is a Japanese movie and it was very simple and very sweet. It revolves around a starting romance, escaping isolation, and making friends that are genuine and caring. I thought this movie was very cute and I learned that it was actually based on a manga.

      Sawako Kuronuma is a kind girl who grew up doing good deeds and wanting to be a good person. Her hair was long and she lived happily throughout her childhood. However, when the horror movie: "The Ring" came out, she became known as Sadako due to her resemblance to the little girl in the movie. Because of that, she was feared, misunderstood, and isolated because of her scary appearance. She was very quiet and everyone in the classroom avoided her like she could curse them. However, she's is shy and genuine and really wants to make friends and talk to other people.
       When a popular boy that she had come to admire, Kazehaya, befriends her and helps stand up for her, she sees a whole new side to life. She befriends two girls who actually care for her as much as she cares for them. She begins to fall in love and she slowly gains the acceptance of other students. They did go through a lot of things together and they all helped to find her own voice. Though I was a little disappointed to not see a kiss between the main characters, I thought the concept of finding yourself without being influenced by what others thought of you was nice and I enjoyed seeing the friendship develop.

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