Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easy Fortune Happy Life

           This drama shows the power of love and family. It was inspiring in its own way as you watch how the selfish and horrible characters slowly change into people more human and understanding. It is a very interesting drama, to me, at least. I had moments where I hated how despicable the main male lead was but I liked how the bad characters changed. It was a satisfying drama.

         This love story begins with the grandparents of our main characters. The grandmother, Huang Chun Xiang, had saved a young hunter when she was a young girl with herbal medicine. He promised that he would come back for her and left afterwards. She waited years for the man to come back but he didn't and eventually raised her own family. However, she still had this hope that he would come back for her. It just so happens, that now, with them all grandparents, chance brings the grandson of the man and the granddaughter of Huang Chun Xiang together.
         The grandfather got into a car accident and had heart issues. The entire family of the grandfather pretended to be depressed, sad, and worried when they all just wanted the grandfather to die so that they can inherit the money and the company. The grandfather is the founder of a successful pharmaceuticals company and just when the whole family wanted to give up hope on their grandfather (to get the money), the granddaughter named Xie Fu An happened to be there and gave some of the herbal medicine to the grandfather, saving his life.
         Then when accidents occur and the grandfather finds out what happened to the grandmother, he felt a little bit guilty of never coming back. Upon that, the grandfather swears to give his fortune to the man who marries the granddaughter of Huang Chun Xiang. The whole family begins a search so that they'd get the inheritance. The villagers (neighbors) were worried that they were trying to take advantage of Xie Fu An and gave them a picture of another girl (to their horror). However, it was soon found out that they were trying to find Xie Fu An and not the misleading picture. This starts the whole search for Xie  Fu An. The grandfather's grandson Yan Da Feng definitely wants to get that fortune. As the family finds the girl and tries to get on her good side and so forth, none of them expected the girl to start changing their vulture-like personalities. Yan Da Feng definitely didn't imagine that he would end up falling for Xie Fu An. There was another man in this drama who liked  Xie Fu An but he gave her up so that she could be happy. The ending was satisfying and it is truly great to see them go from, "Oh, when is that old man going to die?" to actually being a loving, caring family towards one another.      
        It was a good drama and you see how people can change for the better and that if you don't....karma.

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