Saturday, April 6, 2013

19 (movie)

This was a Korean movie that I actually found quite interesting. Yes, I'm a bit late...but I still watched it. It has Big Bang Top and Seungri in this movie and they did a pretty good job.

        When a girl, that all three of our main characters knew, died, they were the suspects for murder. The people interrogating them almost seemed to push all the blame on them, framing them as the murderers. In their anger for they were innocent, all three of them ran out of the interrogation room and ended up running away from the police. These three had different backgrounds and lives and ended up meeting one another in this situation.
        They believe each other that they are not the murderer of the dead girl. In order to prove their innocence, they begin to learn from one another and try to find out the true murderer. These three never asked each other's names until the very end for they felt names, age, school, and so forth didn't matter about them as a person. However, they became close with one another, finding out the meaning of life, goals, love, and friendship. They learn from their experience as they find the true murderer and running away from the police. Throughout their journey, they form a friendship and also begin linking clues together from what they knew of the girl before the girl died.

This was a good movie about coming of age and also being a teenager and growing up in this situation. It was an interesting movie and it is recommended for all of you to check it out, if you haven't.

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