Thursday, April 25, 2013

Runaway Sweetheart

This is a Chinese drama and it has the same theme as Hana Kimi and To The Beautiful You. Only, all along, the guy knew that she was a girl. This drama is a romantic comedy. It has a lot of comical moments and its mainly to make a person laugh. But there is so much eye candy in this drama! It is very light-hearted and there are a lot of expressions or moments that are exaggerated. The main lead was very good looking (the male).

Personally, I didn't like some of the acting because it just felt really fake. So it's up to you if you want to watch it and decide if you like it or not. I didn't exactly like the acting especially for the main lead (girl) because she always seemed so awkward and making these strange comical faces. Anyways, here is the synopsis:

         Ah Fei is a track runner. He attends a school where there focus a lot on athletics. However, when one day, he decided to not run at the race, this made his fan Serena/Xiao Lei very nervous. Insisting on attending school with Ah Fei and helping him continue running and helping him not give up, she disguises herself as a boy and stays in China. There she makes friends and she even has some people who want her to leave the school. Coincidentally, she happened to be Shan Han Fei's (aka Ah Fei) room mate. Ah Fei knew at once that she was a girl. Thank goodness, a drama where the main lead actually knows and is smart enough to notice. However, she was able to fool others and Ah Fei kept quiet that he knew her identity.
          He became touched overtime and fell for her because of her personality and the way she always encouraged him and believed in him. She also began to like him. Her best friend Chai Ge also was questioning his sexual orientation for a while until he found out that she was a girl. Chai Ge is a bit of a dork and afterwards found his own match in love.  Ah  Fei and Xiao Lei had a lot of cute moments where they had small arguments, took care of one another, and had their happy and depressing moments together. 
             In this school, with all sorts of relationships going on and Xiao Lei's secret that she's trying to keep hidden. There are relationship issues between the "prince" and "princess" of the school because the girl was Ah Fei's ex-girlfriend. As all this is going on, someone is blogging about what is going on within the school and spreading rumors. In this drama, you'll be entertained for sure. I also found it sweet how Ah Fei didn't really care about outer appearance but more for inner appearance because when he was dating the princess of the school, she wasn't as pretty when she was younger because of her weight yet he never cared about that (it was the girl that dumped him for giving up track and then wanted him back afterwards)
Very interesting drama!

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