Friday, December 28, 2012

Arang and the Magistrate

         To be very honest with you guys, I didn't want to watch this drama at all when I first saw it. I saw it and I was like, "That looks really stupid." 
             But then, I had nothing to watch. So I thought maybe I shouldn't judge this drama immediately (even though its concept had ghosts and a fantasy/historical concept). I watched it and surprisingly, I was hooked. My initial reaction to this drama was completely different from my reaction after starting and finishing this drama. It was fun and Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki had fascinating characters that I came to adore and both were very pretty/handsome. (Not to mention, Yoo Seungho was in here too. He played the Jade the heaven emperor)
       Basically Arang (Shin Min Ah) is a wandering female ghost. She has wandered around for 3 years. She doesn't remember anything from her past, doesn't know who she is (her name was given to her by an old ghost), and she doesn't even know where she died as she was following the grim reaper when she died. For the past 3 years, she has gotten used to be a ghost, fighting for food from the other ghosts and running from reapers. She met the guy played by Lee Jun Ki one day on a rainy night in a shack. Both were there to avoid the rain. He sees her but has to pretend he doesn't because he didn't want to be pestered. So they both spend the night there.
           The magistrate played by Lee Jun Ki wasn't even a magistrate at first. But because he was brave and could see and touch ghosts, he was forced to become the magistrate by Arang. She found a way to get him kidnapped and made magistrate.  At first, the magistrate definitely did not want to help her even when she explained that she didn't mean for the other magistrates to die of fright when they saw her. But when he saw that in her hair, was a wooden pin, he decided he will. The reason being, that hair pin was actually his mother's and he was in search of his mother. So he thought that maybe by retrieving her memory, he can find out where his Mother is. 
            They get closer with a mutually beneficial relationship. He finds out who she is but she still doesn't remember. Then Hades and the emperor of heaven decided to let her become human but she had to find out how she died herself. Once the person that killed her died, then the sound of a bell/gong would sound and she can go to heaven. She becomes a person, but she won't die until like the given time is up (I think they agreed on 2 or 3 months) But if she doesn't manage to find her killer, she will suffer in the underworld greatly....she agreed. So the magistrate and Arang become even closer now that she's a human.

I'll leave you to watch what happens as they try to find the guy's mom and her killer.
However, the ending, was kind of confusing. My friend who watched it even got confused. 
So I'll give you my explanation of it. 

The ending is that both of them are reincarnated. The magistrate is reincarnated as his loyal servant/companion's son. Arang remembers her memories but it appears the magistrate doesn't (however, I think he's just trolling her)
But the ending was very sweet as she nagged him, "I TOLD YOU NOT TO DRINK FROM THE FOUNTAIN." (The fountain is for when you die, you drink it and it erases your memories.) And you see her telling the story about them and it seems that he had some sort of knowing of what happened. It made me content to know that their past relationship is not all lost and that their relationship in this new life is a lot more blissful and drama free. 

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