Saturday, December 29, 2012


 It's now time to review the drama, Faith.
        Like Arang and the Magistrate (as reviewed earlier) I did not want to watch this. It looked very fake, fantasy-like, and not really realistic. Even though Lee Min Ho was in it, I did not want to watch it. I only watched it when I heard my friend gush about how good it is. So I thought I'd give it a shot. It did not fail to impress me which is pretty good. However I thought the fantasy part of this drama was kind of unrealistically funny. It was an interesting blend of serious and light-hearted.

           Yoo Eun Soo is a plastic surgeon in modern day. She knows how to do surgery also but transferred over to plastic surgery because the pay was higher. Choi Young is a warrior from the Goryeo dynasty. When the Queen (she played the girl that liked Seo Joon in Love Rain) received a fatal slice at the neck (ouch), Choi Young is sent through a porthole into our modern day (or their "heaven" as they call it).                                    He kidnaps Yoo Eun Soo and brings her to Goryeo dynasty. She saves the queen and tries to go back to her time, but he won't let her until the queen wakes up. When the queen does, she kind of had to stay due to the circumstances. The king regards Choi Young greatly and there was a lot of loyalty between them. In the meantime, he has to protect the king and queen as well as Eun Soo.
           Eun Soo was out of place, scared, and constantly called Choi Young a psycho. He protects her from harm with his great sword/combat skills. She had a couple of funny moments where she went heads on against Choi Young and once even stabbing him and then freaking out. Overtime, she gets known as the high doctor who could cure people even on the verge of death.
          Supernatural, strange, evil people start wanting to kidnap Eun Soo also to know more about heaven, to gain more power, and so forth. They all had like inner powers. One with the power of ice, another fire, and the third with the power of sound. Either way, they were all deadly. However, Choi Young also had a power, the power of electricity. So there was some fantasy stuff going on.
          In the meantime, Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) and Yoo Eun Soo begin to fall in love. They have a very cute relationship where they protect one another and learn from one another. There wasn't a lot of kissing. As I remember it, there was only like one or two major kiss scenes in this drama but there was a lot of skinship that makes you just smile and there were some scenes that can really touch your heart, like when he first realized he loved her when she got poisoned and went through such measures to get the antidote.

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