Saturday, December 29, 2012

Autumn Tale

               Now it is time for a classic drama that makes you bawl your eyes out in the middle of the day/night. However, very few people that I know have watched it since they are all catching up with the recent dramas that come out. So I said that I would provide insight on this fantastic drama. However, the emotions that one feels can only be felt if watched personally. For starters, for all those who dislike crying and tragedies, this may not be the drama for you because it brings out the tears within you and touches your heart on so many levels.

             It has all the actors and actresses that are much loved by others and also are considered to be very popular and well-known. This show includes people like Song Hye Kyo, Won Bin, Song Seung Hun, Han Chae Young, and also Moon Geun Young when she was a child actress. It is a very complicated story. 
           In a consummate family, there were siblings that were very close to one another. They had loving parents and they were all popular among their friends in school. The brother, Joon-Suh, was older than the girl, Eun Suh. They had a very good relationship where they understand one another and take care of one another. A girl at the school named Choi Shin Ae felt as though she was being treated unfairly because Eun Suh's family was rich and was very cold toward Eun Suh. Shin Ae's mother owns a small restaurant and has a thug for a brother. Her brother wasn't caring like Eun Suh's and constantly even demanded money from her. It was later discovered, after a small accident occurred, that Eun Suh was switched a birth and that the real daughter of this perfect family was Choi Shin Ae. The adults decided that it was best to keep the situation in the dark so that the children wouldn't be impacted. Eun Suh and Joon Suh's parents decided to head to America to avoid all these problems and to not interfere with the life Shin Ae already had with her family. However, after a small slip, the truth was revealed to Shin Ae.Choi Shin Ae's life is very shabby compared to Eun Suh's and so she instantly wants to go to her rightful family.

              The truth comes out afterwards leaving both families devastated as the girls went back to their rightful families. It caused a painful separation between the loving brother and sister. The family went to America with their rightful daughter as they planned to escape everything, even though the mother and the brother wanted to take Eun Suh along with them. Eun Suh stayed in her rightful place and tried to be optimistic in the dire conditions she was living in. 
            After many years, the children have all grown up. Eun Suh didn't attend college and worked as a hotel maid. She was intelligent and caring. She was pursued by a character played by Won Bin named Tae Seok. Tae Seok was rich and the youngest son (maknae) of his family who owned the hotel that Eun Suh worked at. He was originally a bit of a player but he found himself falling in love with Eun Suh immediately because of her personality. He treated her well and loved her whole-heatedly. The family returns from America. The brother meets her and he is already engaged to a woman h met in college. But after spending a lot of time together since it had been a while since they didn't see each other, the ex-brother and ex-sister find themselves falling in love with one another. This is nothing like incest since they are not blood related. Just as things were going alright, besides the occasional drama caused by Shin Ae and the other love interests, it was discovered that Eun Suh had leukemia. This threatened their future together and chances of having a relationship. Not wanting to hurt him, she leaves with Tae Seok to get treatment without anyone else knowing. As she tries to fight leukemia, you see how family doesn't necessarily have to be blood relations, love that can push past anything, loyalty, perseverance, and so forth.

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